Stocks in the red as we finish off the trading week. We are seeing declines across the board in shares of Aurora Cannabis, Canopy Growth, NBEV and TILRAY.


  1. Something I notices. You make a morning show and a market minute. I think that the photo for these two types of videos should be more recognizable and differ more from each other. This way we know for certain, hey that's market minus! you know..

  2. Blizzard is no surprise, as a long time fan of World Of Warcraft since 2006-2014(big money maker for Activison), their game has been steadily declining with their monthly subscriptions getting less and less to the point they longer list how many active subs they have for their game anymore.
    Their new expansion was a flop followed with the terrible Diablo announcement. Who ever thought it was a good idea to competitively play a game on a phone?

  3. Look at that ACB finishing in the 9.30’s with earnings on Monday and yet I still didn’t buy in. Their were too many risk I didn’t want to take because when U.S market indexes see red ,usually makese Cannabis sectors sell off hard. The other reason, I just don’t know enough about what’s going on in the company to predict whether it’ll be a positive quarter or not, so at this point it would be gambling my money which is why I decided to wait.

  4. Hello Aaron. Been following you for a long time. You are doing a GREAT job. Even on the negative day on the market a small market report from you is always a POSITIVE warming feeling at the end of the day 🙂 THANK YOU.

  5. What are some video game companies do you like? I just bought your vip membership a couple days ago. Will you add video game companies in there? As for games, I love battlefield as well and I'm a huge Destiny 2 fan 😎

  6. Doesn't look like a good day. Time for patience and wait til earnings. As far as vapes, I have one and love it but don't vape pure CBD. I generally like the psychoactive part along with my CBD.

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