1. These companies are there to make a profit they don't care about health you know why these plants are dying because they're using all these pesticides. It's fairly easy to take care of a bug problem organically especially when it's in such a controlled environment. The biggest problem legal marijuana faces is there is such a thing as acceptable amount of pesticides to use and there shouldn't be any amount of pesticides that should be acceptable. If it's legal in your state or your country you would do well to grow your own marijuana and not smoke that poison s*** you get from these companies or the streets unless you know it's not filled with pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

  2. Half of the inmates in jail are there for non-violent drug crimes. Anyone that thinks people should be thrown in cages for consuming drugs is a fucking idiot. The drug war has failed. It is SO easy to buy drugs illegally. There's nothing the government can do to stop drug use. Regulate ALL drugs, build more treatment centers, and stop ruining peoples lives. It's common sense, yet the majority of cuckservatives don't have that.

    Until we realize this, the black market will get bigger and bigger, anger and distrust towards law enforcement will grow, and mass incarceration numbers will continue to skyrocket. Your move, America.

  3. We need legal weed all over the United States of America I would be glad to turn my crops into marijuana and help supply our pot sales just as soon as they legalize it I will get my license and start growing grade a smoke

  4. Politicians and lawyers bought all the shares they could, quietly and secretly hoping to get rich quick. They don't have a care for anyone but themselves. Marijuana should never have been banned or made illigal. What authority did the courts have regards a medicinal plant? Big pharmacy industry paid officials well for making billions of dollars from pills and opioids.
    Anyway, it'll be an everyday event to smoke a joint, blunt or bowl and hopefully the US will make marijuana consumption legal, medical and recreational for all…
    If we had everyone over the age of 21 smoke weed at 4:20pm, world would be at peace for a couple of hours… Go Trump…

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