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  1. Wats up man! Hey quick question wats a good strain to be energetic, stay up lol i got space candy and is good but it gets me sleepy and i want something that can keep me awake lol. Thanks man love your Videos!

  2. Just always keep in mind when buying hemp. Thca converts at about 80-85% thc when heated or smoked. So thca .7 would convert into .55 thc then add the actual thc and you could be smoking a good 10-15mg per gram thc. Now mid grade has around 80-120mg thc per gram, most dispensary weed is anywhere from 120-440mg total converted per gram, si even at 10mg per gram, it's pretty low. But if you have anxiety, getting 7-19mg in you can cause anxiety attacks and anything over 10mg a day 3 days in a row will cause a failed drug test for a few days. Unless your body fat Is VERY low. But that's a whole nother subject. So many factors. Best is to experiment yourself.

  3. It is very difficult to find low thca and total thc converted. Only website that has low total coverted thc, under 2mg per gram or .245% is cbdhempdirect, where all the strains are under except chardonnay and ac diesel. And the new electra from hippymood. And f1 by canna comforts. That's all I can find. All other sites including black tie has between 5-9mg converted per gram. I have an ounce of cbdhempdirects Hawaiian haze, 23.6% cbd and under .245 total converted thc. Unfortunately, the more other cannabinoids other than cbd, the more thca that is required. Also, I mentioned acdc from cbdhemodirect because eventhough it shows no thc or thca, it contains over 13mg per gram cbg, which over time and when exposed to uv can turn into thc. I really want more starseed, I want to try a lot of different strands out right now, but cbdhempdirect is the only company that breeds and cures there plants to prevent thca and thc levels from rising. Most strands on the web are around 7-10mg per gram total converted thc, staraeeds strands are all at about 7-8% but the small amount of smoke required makes it the best for if u only want to smoke a little each day.

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