Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric. Does it work?

This video is proof that the best weed barrier fabric cannot stop weeds from sowing. For more evidence that you really need to re-think using weed barrier fabric …


  1. Why do we even bother with gardening? Hours wasted weeding and watering. It's never ending. When I retire I'm going to live in a condo and grow 1 friggin' tomato plant in a pot. I love my gardens but between weeds and drought and disease and pests and deer I'm not sure if I have the heart for it anymore😔!

  2. I go to our recycling center and get the flat cardboard, they even put on their website when they have flat cardboard for our gardens, what would be better than free for the taking?

  3. I agree with you. I've also seen people use heavy black plastic with mulch on top. The plastic doesnt let water through it, so I haven't seen it's benefit in landscape either.

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