I Stopped Smoking Weed For 2 Weeks & This Is How I Felt About It..

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  1. Thank you for making this! I am also actually sober since November 3rd.
    I have the job opportunity of a lifetime. However I need to pass a piss test.

    Unfortunately, I am having to move from a “legal” state to an “illegal” state.

    I haven’t had a “break” longer than a week in 3 years.

    I personally use it to manage chronic pain, sleep issues, and anxiety.

    Knowing what you are getting through a dispensary is imo the only way to go now that I spent a year in Seattle.

    The first few days personally, couldn’t sleep, hardly ate, and the chronic pain is the worst it’s been in the last 3 years. I have had panic attacks, and it’s been rough.

    I was in a terrible auto accident racing sprint cars on a dirt track 6 years ago.

    Have not even put on my racing suit since. Smoking has limited me in my opinion. I am dreaming about being back in the car every night.

    I am not wrecking. I am fucking winning in these dreams. I think now that I am past the first, and now the second week. It’s going to be worth it. I have at least 2 more weeks to go. I will 100% continue use as soon as possible. I however was abusing it.

    I’d wake n bake, go to work high, I was high all mother fucking day, every day.

    First, that gets expensive. Second, you are so right about not being present. I have been with family for the holidays and this is a huge reason I’ve been able to stop.

    It is possible, and if it’s been a while since you had a break, it really does help.

    I actually have some too. So I’ve been able to smell it, and hold a blunt in my mouth without lighting. I needed the discipline and I feel so accomplished that I haven’t and I didn’t light any of it.

    I haven’t felt accomplished in a while. I recommend a 2-3 week break at least once or twice a year now. See how you feel, and DON’T smoke all day, every day.

  2. Glad you're dreaming again! Im a pretty big stoner but unlike you I have very vivid dreams. I occasionally get to lucid dream which is amazing. I tend to dream of the same world, so to speak, so when I lucid dream Its great to go exploring it and finding new spots withing the "map"

  3. It's legal here in California. I can just go down to the store and buy weed. Think about that. i can just go to the store and buy whatever variety I want. But i don't. I no longer smoke the hippie lettuce. Weed is just no longer important. I don't care about it; it isn't even a good buzz.

    I smoked it in college in the late 70s and toward the end it made me so paranoid I let it go.

    I tend to think about crazy shit on the hippie lettuce. I freak out with that plant. I need to just not do it. Some folk can handle it but I think high IQ people really shouldn't do it. It makes one question reality.

  4. This is such a hard topic for me. I really want to stop smoking but when I do my depression and anxiety is through the roof and I don’t want to take dangerous pharmaceuticals. Idk man. I think I’m gonna try switching to CBD instead. Any thoughts from anyone reading this?

  5. Why do people smoke in general? How do you guys even handle that shitty ass smell? That shit smells like shit and I don’t see how anyone likes that smell and it also doesn’t help anything except hurt you in the future. No benefits at all

  6. Here's the deal with weed because I do it. It's not a gateway drug unless u let your mind your brain believe that the only way to get higher is to try something else. I have depression and anxiety and use it for that. I do not doit around my children nor my husband it's my thing. Stop making feel bad because of their choice. We as cannabis smokers know the truth behind it so everyone getting on Jacob for smoking fuck off and let him be

  7. Yoo Bro said he smoked & he had a headache & is eyes hurt. Lmao buuh!! You been smokin on that reggie!! 😭😭😭 That's what happens when you smoke cheap weed, you get a headache! Quit smoking that stress bruh. & get more sleep is good for you too. You'll be alright… 😂😂😂

  8. You're the only dude I recieve notifications from. I always hit the bell for my subscriptions but I usually turn them off. Yours though, it stays on. Kudos on being Awesome bro. I mean it. Your non bias views and honesty is top notch.

  9. Thank you for your honesty. Moderation is so tough to achieve. It's great being baked, but also great sometimes to be stone cold sober. A happy balance takes a strong will and hard work just like everything else in life that's worth anything.

  10. You're probably smoking indica which is the strain that makes you feel down. Sativa is the other strain that actually gives you energy and lets you get shit done. Not all weed makes you feel down. On a side note congrats on stopping.

  11. Hey brother i know a lot of successful people that smoke. You keep doing you… If you get a chance watch the 2017 Rose Bowl it was one of the best Rose Bowls of all time and quite frankly one of my favorite football games of all time.

  12. I read something about the dreaming thing but I've been smoking for a few years now non stop and seem to have the opposite effect, I dream the craziest shit when I'm fried fam its nuts sometimes, but it does do different things for different people so you know do what you need to but if you ever need a smoke I'd be glad to hit a bowl with you my guy

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