1. Great story!! Omg 😂 I drove 70 miles on the wrong highway. It was pitch black and I was almost out of gas. I was trying to get from California to Arizona and I accidentally took herse Highway which is just a 2 road 2 way road. All hills and barely any cars. I finally pull up to a border pass thing and the dog was going wild and the man told me to pull aside. My sister in law was excited because she thought they were going to give us gas. I said no we’re getting searched. The border control made us get out the car and sit on the steps. I didn’t have anything. Just a wrapper left over in a bag that I forgot about. My sister in law was freaking out and I was just sitting there calmly. It seemed hectic. At the end I was given a talk even though I didn’t have anything and then they let us go. With 1/4 of a tank in a suv the nearest gas station was 28 miles away. This was in the middle of the night and the gas there was about $4.50 a gallon because it was in the middle of no where! Scary situation but I knew we were not doing anything bad.

  2. You put it out in the universe that you lost your phone inside your mind you stayed calm for the sake of your friendship so therefore by letting it go for a little while and focusing on something else the solution to finding your phone was presenting itself to you but in order for you to get to it or for it to get to you you had to go through something. It's just that simple.

  3. OMG KIMMY! Please post more story times lol! I don’t smoke weed but I’ve followed your YouTube since your doodle days and I’m loving these funny ass stories haha! I literally got pulled over for the first time for speeding and I’ve only had my first car since this summer 😩 I was going 80 so it wasn’t felony speed but still. Shit was scary!!! Lol!

  4. Ok I went through a license check right after id hotboxed and it's illegal still where I'm from so i was for sure prepared to be stripped off all my fucking life's work and go to jail but the cop was this cool chick who never said anything she hardly looked at us 😂 #wrecked

  5. hahaha i love it when you tell storytimes youre so cute and enthusiastic pls do it more often <333
    also my honest moral of the story? you got lucky lmao i feel like they were at least going to lecture you like a teenager!! but nope they treated you civilly which is awesome

  6. Hey, I may have just accidently reported your page…Sorry!
    I was passing by your channel & while watching, I decided to click on my menu (that thing on the upper left as an equal sign with an extra line) I saw a "reporting history" & decided to click it, out of curiosity, It thanked me instead of showing what I thought was my history but, it thanked me for reporting…)
    Nothing at all wrong with your content, I just clicked the wrong thing. Sorry. Take care & best wishes!

  7. True story- me and my group of friends were smoking at this old abandoned mansion, so after we were finished smoking were we gonna explore some more of the complex and smoke at other spots but the cops showed up, they lined us up and asked who had the weed, my friend had 40 grams on him apparently I didn’t even know but I took the fall because idk I felt some sort of responsibility due to me being the main person who wanted to go there even though the rest without argument came.

  8. the moral of the story could there are no coincedences? cx and there's a positive to everything. if the joint was any bigger you could've still had it when you got pulled over. it was a good thing you finished it when you did. and if it wasn't for the cop you wouldn't have found your phone. 😇

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