1. I have been smoking everyday for 12yrs. I recently hit someone who assualted me first with a hammer. I have a pretrial officer. So I quit smoking about 3 weeks ago and I have tried everything to pass an at home thc test. 7 day body cleanses, niaican, drinks, vinegar, gallons of water, activated charcoal, detox teas, dandelion root, psyllium, sonnie 7… nothing has worked. The negative line has almost appeared, but not enough for a true negative. I'm 6ft tall and 115lbs. I'm skin and bones and yet nothing freaking works

  2. At the end of the day it takes time. These products will help speed things up, so if your a heavy smoker that would normally need 6 or more weeks without anything in your system, than using stuff like this and lots of cardio (little weights) daily and sticking to it will help bring that down to 5 to 4 weeks. if you take those Megaclean products for the morning of your test, than you need the vit's because otherwise your piss will be so clear when giving your sample, and the people doing the testing will thinking something is up and request the lab to test it further.

    Hard work is the only way to truly clean your system, took time to build up the levels it takes time to lower them again. Takes time to put on fat, it takes time to lose it again. Just that simple.

    As for this video, I would be interested to know much of a smoker you are. How much often and how much you smoke on avg, as well as your weight range, only because that all plays a factor in time.

    Also was testing just with the strips? or was your sample sent to a lab for further testing?

  3. If piss test, in jail we start drinking water nothing else, on day of urine drink 5 litres over few hours don't worry bout pissing, till it's like water, then few pisses later, but need to start drinking water 24 hours b4 last 5 hours 5 litres keep pisses till clear as water, tiny bit vitamin c pill that make water lemon looking, nowadays iv a fake dick looks so real my bro don't smoke so use his urine, there's a contraction hold per in bag under your arm keeping it warm, what she said will work 4 herrion to but if u smoked within 2 days your screwed most likely won't work

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