Hey Charlie (Full 3:40 video)

Stop the Spiral is a call to action to increase awareness of and access to evidence-based medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD). The Hey …


  1. The thing we need to realize is drug addiction is not about getting High. I am an addict and last time I was in rehab they told us something . Drug addicts always have an underlying mental illness that can not be overcame any other way . We need to start working on those issues such as major depressive disorder , panic attacks , ptsd, etc.

  2. This video is too sad but it’s the truth. Everyone should see this and they should wake up. Be aware of these drugs, they are killing you! You have only one life, live it! Don’t kill yourselves with these poison.

  3. This "video" is nothing shy of overt propaganda by the LEFT wing in this Country. This is mere emotional pathos, which the LEFT in America is so dependent upon. When there's a school shooting; the left blames guns, and the Second Amendment, of course. Is it any surprise when people (especially, younger folks, i.e. like myself) die of prescription drug overdoses they blame medical doctors, and 'big pharmaceuticals' ?

    We need more big pharm worldwide, not less. Just like we need more armed Americans. No American should have to suffer in pain, from a lack of prescription drugs (whether a major surgery, a dental surgery, or a cosmetic surgery). Period. Narcotics are not dangerous, when taken by the PATIENT to whom they are prescribed, and taken as prescribed. Now, "controlled substances" are dangerous? WTF? Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, ETC., are NOT dangerous. I'm 27, and I've had a private doctor prescribe the above since I was in my late-teens. I could NOT live without them. So much so, I'm now a serious stockholder in numerous of these corps. Also, I've never had one single issue. They've only vastly improved my QOL.

    Funny how the LEFT, and nowadays, some even on the RIGHT are honkey dory with legalizing marijuana, cocaine, et al. Yet, these same folks have a real antipathy towards big corporations. If I wanted to kill myself with Bayer aspirin, or Tylenol; I easily could. Should we moniter and ban these OTC "drugs" next in the USA?

    The real issue is parents, and their children. Parents no longer want, or even know how to parent their children. This is a sad cultural, and societal reality in 21st Century USA. It's a direct 'side-effect', if you will, from the breakdown of the average American family. Moreover, people are just dumb. This is, and always has been, and always will be a reality.

    If you die of an overdose of a prescription drug…, chances are, you broke the law (a federal law I might add), and stole. If not, you…, or yours…, simply failed to follow your doctor/pharmacy's orders.

    If your child dies of a heroin, opioid, Xanax, antibiotic, or aspirin overdose…, YES you are to blame. Mostly, they are to blame. People are responsible for their own actions. If your child(ren) never learned this, than well, the onus is on you. Stop getting emotional, kvetching, and blaming private corporations which make the drugs to save countless American lives. Stop blaming medical doctors. Stop blaming sick people who need said drugs. Stop blaming the state/federal government. And most importantly, stop blaming the damn drugs. Guns, knives, and narcotics don't kill anyone. Never have, and never will. Dumb people kill themselves, and others. A right I completely support. WE, the SILENT MAJORITY, of good and honorable character in this Nation will not be taken advantage of; WE will never go down without one hell of a fight. A fight, I have no doubt WE will win.

  4. Yes its not chronic pain patients fault these kids choose to steal n do prescription drugs its not fair to people who need them n if you thibk crying out about prescription pills is gonna stop anything your sadly mistakin.i know so many people who are switching to heroin n starting out on strait heroin cause of this epidemic and im sorry to the. Weed enthusiests but it all starts with weed ask any addict what their first drug is n once they learn to get high it opens them up to broader selection i know the know it all people will say i never went from weed to opiates but if you say so your a liar you were jus lucky enough to not use them long enough to get dependent. Also i have several family members n friends who have overdosed and it was their decision not the drugs if someone wants to change there are options out there or parents can take responsibility n quit blaming it on the opiates educate your childlren fight it head on its out their pretending it doesnt exist will set them up for failure quit blaming all this on opiates people who need them are suffering terribly n my heart goes out to the people suffering with pain n disease cause the kids n dope fiends abuse their drugs to the point of death

  5. BOTTOM LINE, if you took the power of the drugs from pharmaceutical companies , made the Doctors prescribing medicine accountable Just maybe it could control some of the massive abuse 10. For oxey $500 for suboxone not counting copays for pain mana that’s a total joke they should be called legal drug pushers.170 people due a day from drug use.If that were a plane with 170 people on it the government would be all over it trying to fix the situation

  6. Where is the video of the chronic pain patient who eventually kills herself because of the laws this propaganda passes that inevitably cause her to lose the amount of access she has to get opioids? Yes peoples are abusing them, but others depend on them for survival. I will not support any action that sacrifices one group to another, there has to be another way.

    Let's look to Portugal for what HAS ALREADY WORKED.

  7. The "opioid" problem is no worse than it was in the nineties. In other words, there has not ever NOT been "drug abuse" of opioids. When noting the larger AMOUNT of persons dying from this, note ALSO the huge amount of persons BORN in the last twenty five years!!!! The percentage is the same. The difference? Somebody high up has felt the need to once again politicize the use and abuse of drugs, bringing back the failed "war" on drugs, which becomes , as usual, a WAR on the pain sufferers who need help, incurable cancer patients who NEED a relief from pain more than relief from addiction if they have only a short time to live, and also, there are subtle differences in each problem. Addiction to opiates is NOT a moral failing, and there ARE proven medical alternatives to this illness: Methadone and / or Suboxen treatment in a clinic along W drug testing and counseling has the least rate of failure/ this means the least amount of deaths and highest percentage of persons able to continue with a productive life. We all have seen this sort of media hype before. It is manipulative, and damages the lives of many: both of non addict pain sufferers addicts who need no more judgement, and regular kids who DO NOT need hysteria added to their parenting experience. Yuck! This is an irresponsible and ancient "reefer madness" clip updated for the twenty first century. SHAME!

  8. Is this "Reefer Madness," 21st Century redux ? The Kaiser Family Foundation just let the cat out of the bag: Opioid expenses are $26 per subscribed member; and mostly for rehab expenses; while opioid prescriptions have been dropping since 2009.

    Wonder who is paying for this PR blitz ? Could it be the corporate health-plan sponsors who hope to reduce rehab costs ? And is the DEA dancing to their lobbyists' tune, to the detriment of pain sufferers ? We have an alcohol death problem, too, but alcohol is private pay. So the benefits vs. costs of funding a similarly flashy PR blitz are greatly reduced.

    And as to (permissible) non-opioid pain relievers, maybe adds/maintenance to Federal Controlled Substance schedules (CFR Title 21) should be relocated into medical hands, e.g., CDC, and taken away from political hands, like the DEA. Kratom: Gotta get that on Schedule I–right now, while we can still play fast and loose with Alternative Facts.

    Marijuana eradication sounds like a jobs- and empire-maintenance program. But all DEA cowboys crave real action. Send them to "the front" on the Mexican border. Give them the action they so dearly want.

  9. And because people MAKE A CHOICE to abuse opioids to get high on, instead of what they are intended for, I as a chronic pain patient have to pay the penalty for them. My meds have been dropped so low in the last three months they are no longer helping in the least bit. Where before I was able to get up and participate with my family in lots of things(not all) I now cant stand to walk across the house due to the pain.The only side-effect I had from opioids was I got a good deal of my life back, now its been taken back from me.
    Now because people are killing themselves with Chinas fentanyl and heroin and stolen pills, Im the sitting duck thats being persecuted for it.We responsible patients are easier targets than those dealing in the dark alleys and in mom and dads basement, because we dont hide like they do, so the politicians can get some fast statistics in their favor very easy by hurting the innocent pain patients. I wonder if anybody will ever keep track of all of us that finally succumb to the pain and commit suicide(doubt it) because little Johnny died of a heroin overdose with a few milligrams of oxy in his blood(theres how a lot of this hysteria is created…they really died of heroin but had a tiny bit of a prescription drug in their system too, and only the pills getting blamed)…once again because its easier to manipulate the stats using patients that have medical records and dont hide than dealing with the street dealers and users.This is just another failed attempt at a “war on drugs” thats been soooo effective since Nixon.
    Im sorry these people are killing themselves, but be damned I shouldn’t catch the penalty for it if I do things the right way and use them as a medicine and not an escape or for fun.
    Put the blame where it belongs not where its easiest. If parents keep the pills where the kids can steal them, its not my fault.If the patient sees the label says 1 pill every 6 hours, don’t take 3 so you can get stoned. If the pain is gone, toss the rest of the pills down the toilet, don’t keep taking pain pills if the pain is gone. Don’t lie to your doctor to get stronger and stronger doses if a smaller dose works for the pain just because it doesn’t get you high at the same time too.
    Use your fucking brains people, these aint for recreation, they are badly needed by lots of people and you are fucking it up for us. In ten years on high doses,you wouldn’t have been able to tell I was using pain meds by my actions or appearance, I never ran out early, kept my meds in a locked safe,never let one pill be taken by a family member for their minor ache,kept a script of Naloxone in my safe, never used street drugs, never failed a urine screen, never lied to my pain management doctor,participated in my family’s daily events, never got arrested. So why am I suddenly the criminal here? What I am is the scapegoat for politicians and bad parents and the like, who will very possibly become a different type of statistic when the pain becomes too unbearable for too long again, and I can no longer deal with it. Hope it makes one of those people feel all warm inside that day……

  10. This fast frame video should be shown to school children across the nation. It is an excellent depiction of how perfectly nice kids are buying into the drug lie, believing that just once or twice can’t hurt. Thank you for such a compelling reason for parents to wake up. 
    Anne Kristen (see below) has a very valid point about the pull back in Rx opioids for pain. Not really sure how we can protect people from addiction while still making such a highly addictive med available to those in chronic pain.

  11. The President has just signed a bill, that among other things, will add $1.7 billion to address opioid and heroin abuse (an increase of $1.5 billion), including $500 million for the state opioid response grants authorized in the 21st Century Cures Act, along with funding for programs authorized in the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.

  12. Some of us living with chronic pain are now suffering and even committing suicide due to this “crisis”. I understand there is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but the innocent should not be forced to suffer as a result.

  13. I'm sorry, this is a sad story, but because of stuff like this, valid patients are being punished. People with tumours, kidney disease, having had horrible accidents are having their opiate medications decreased or taken away all together. Do you know that pain patients are often required to have a safe to put their medications in and that they also make us get a prescription for Nalaxone in case there is an overdose if someone was able to steal their meds? I work with people on these meds and I'm seeing them suffer daily because of the hype over the, "opioid epidemic". I'm sorry to all who have lost someone to drugs, but i fear there's about to be another epidemic. An epidemic of chronic pain patients who are unable to deal with the pain, dealing with the pain using the only route they feel is left to them.

  14. My one and only child a son Daryl 27 died last year from an accidental overdose of Xanax and fentenyal the pain n my heart hasnt stopped hurting yet. The video brought back so many memories I'm literally shaking right now. Please kids wake up, these drugs are killing our young people our future what are we going to do when they've all been buried or cremated?

  15. This is a very good depiction of how this disease starts out and ends up. I wish I was left with how this organization plans to solve this issue though rather that be sent to a website to look it up. I mean you just got me for nearly 4 minutes and you can't tell me what your plan is? I'm too lazy to look it up. If I were a junkie wanting hope this wouldn't offer me any.

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