Another article from Shout out to them for always coming out with the latest news on cannabis. That is why I frequently check on them because I know …


  1. I'm not satisfied with turning a blind eye to the criminals that instrumented prohabition around the world of a known medicine that could of saved lives, had they not restricted it, knowing full well of it's benefits. That is criminal, and the criminals of prohibition need to be taken to justice for all of the individuals affected by their unnecessary and inhuman policy of restricting humanly bodily function. cannabinoids are produced all day long in the body, and you could benefit from intaking healthier and better cannabinoids. We do the same thing with war criminals, and we need to start holding people accountable for the 30 million something incarcerated individuals that we now know were unjustly kidnapped from their family and imprisoned. Rational human beings will exist with sound reason despite your aggressive approaches at controlling society to benefit from others misery, and those doing so must be held accountable.

  2. I'm telling you B , we gotta smoke. I love your videos! Your hella mellow, an laid back like muah. Lol. I skate at Dublin skatepark, Livermore, Stockton, Fremont, I'm still kinda new to norcal. I moved out here when I got outta the army , but I know its lil odd, honestly never hit anyone up thru the tube Haha For whatever reason when I found out you hit Flavors, and the clubs in my area. I had to at least throw out the invite , never know what the universe will bring your way when you keep a positive mind. Still gonna watch all your videos regardless, but getting to smoke with someone that's fucking YOUTUBE FAMOUS for smoking would make my month

  3. Consultant medical professionals may prescribe products containing products containing cannabis, cannabis resin or cannabinol if they feel their patients could benefit from it officially in the uk not recreational 🍁🍁🍁

  4. Because the younger generations all smoke and made peace with the fact that it's not dangerous at all unlike other drugs but the whole world needs to legalize the herb so we could really see who has the best u never know there's probably better than California weed but I highly doubt it 😎🤔

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