1. My dealer sold me a 3 5s of gelato #41 and hands down it's the best weed I've smoked so far, right below is holy grail mainly for how easy it is to smoke but gelato 41 has great flavour, not tried the other numbers but 41 UK grown looks mad. If US gelato is supposed to be even better then I need to hunt down what dealer is selling it.

  2. haha nic mate i thought the exact same about the sherblato iv been toking recently man haha cudnt agree more with the smoke report n very similar genetics just more Sherbs in there so that bit more sweet sour n creamy 👌💯💚🙏👍🤜🤛

  3. feel like im the only fker in the uk that doesnt get a choice of what i can get… tell mother fkers i want sativa and they say wats that… serious… good vid by the way dude…

  4. never had 41 but had 33 in the states and in this country. it's hands down my favourite strain. the smell and taste is unreal. perfect strain. I've seen uk grown gelato and it dosnt even come close to what you get in the states

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