1. I have no doubt the FDA is biased towards companies that pay taxes for there jobs. That doesn't prove it's safe or a good alternative, not that you said so, but as you can see by the comments it's encouraging the thought. People should make their own choices. I have seen it's not a good choice for everyone. I would like to see the video of the potential dangers too.

  2. Has the FDA considered telling the other 3 letter groups to maybe stop making deals w drug lords and importing dope to the US? Oh wait. That would be a huge profit cut for them.
    In the meantime, I'm taking kratom for the pain that abuse and medical malpractice has granted me. Because I need to function and don't have time to be high, deal w organ damage, and battle addiction. I've been taking kratom for over 5 yrs now. I don't take it on schedule. I take it as a PRN. What happens when I don't take kratom? I have to deal w the symptoms for which I take it in the 1st place (broken neck and coxis, ruptured and buldging discs, crushed vertebrae, lumbar cysta, sciatica, hip and knee injury, late stage rx induced fibromyalgia, rx induced peripheral neuropathy (yeah. That's nerve damage. Thanks for that big harma.), CPTSD/PTSD, severe anxiety, and D.I.D.
    If it wasn't for kratom, Id be strapped to a bed w a thorazine drip, in prison, or dead. My health was destroyed by rx meds and then I was left for dead and was bed ridden for 3 yrs before I discovered kratom. It saves lives!

  3. The rich powers that be want everyone to take Suboxone or Subutex is it just me or is something hinky .I wish someone really smart would follow the money to see why they're trying to kill us all

  4. I think it's possible they have contaminated the Afghan opiate crop with depleted uranium! Like they did Libya and Iraq possibly permanently? And just don't want to admit it! Nearly two decades of throwing around depleted uranium like glitter will do that! Gets in the water table! Air and soil! This I know I was an NBC tech in the army

  5. DON'T TRUST THE FDA!! I got Kratom plants to keep my access to it from this reliable vendor on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/gringobonk?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 . He has a variety of Kratom plants available and the best prices I could find. In fact, many other vendors dropped their prices to match his because he wasn't price gouging. If you have your own plants before any ban goes into effect, then how can they prevent you from getting your own medicine??? FUCK THE FDA!!

  6. Kratom has saved me from crippling depression. I have been taking it for three years and have never had a single negative effect. I have my dream job now and it helps me focus and not fall victim to my chronic lack of serotonin. Please do NOT take this away! This is my choice for a healthy alternative to medication! MY CHOICE!!! Not anyone else's.

  7. In New England we have a HUGE opiate death problem. I truly overdosed 3 years ago and was 1 minute to death. I should not be here. SOLEY because of Kratom, I was able to quit opiates COMPLETELY. I have not used opiates at all for 3 years (since my OD). Kratom has literally SAVED MY LIFE! The ban on Kratom is an abomination. This mild substance has helped thousands of opiate addicts like myself quit drugs for good, as well as live normal productive lives. Politicians, you work for the people. You do not work for big pharmaceutical lobbyists. If you ban this substance, you will force thousands of people back on the streets literally to DIE. This is not an overreaction. You must realize that you will force Kratom users to go back on heroin and painkillers, and they WILL die. It’s only a matter of time. YOU will be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people who are just trying to stay clean. Kratom does not intoxicate it’s users the way heroin does. The mild effects of it are FAR LESS noticing than marijuana. If you care at all about the opiate epidemic (which you claim you do), you will save lives by keeping this substance LEGAL. Remember that when we die, we ALL reap what we sow in this life. Make the right decision. Thank you.

  8. Hell, if you wanted you could walk outside right now & pick an opiate plant & brew a tea… everyone grows it😘 it's what you would see as a weed and 99%of the population doesn't even know it…
    there is a cure, benefit to ALLLLL NATURAL plants! Our earth provides to it's evolution! How do you think we even exist? She'll take care of herself even when it's destroying 90% of the human population… we weren't meant to pharma all this crap, it pollutes doing so. it's all an ecosystem to sustain life for her. She'll make sure the survivors have what they need though… We're in a late pole reversal right now actually… moving faster than ever known to. Just in time i guess to stop us from destroying her given a few hundred years…..

  9. Every one of those cases, had other drugs in them and most, in need of or on antidepressants. .. says it all. Some committed suicide and they blamed it on kratom , because it was In their system. No, i think they were seeking relief from kratom and unfortunately it was not enough help for them. The FDA ARE A JOKE! new sub btw🤩

  10. Dear, #FDA you ARE A FUCKING JOKE! How many vitamins are out there that are riding on pure faith !??? YOU DON'T MONITOR SHIT! We are dying from drugs you approve. Says it all. Here take something natural that's actually helping people, not killing them or making them a slave to poison medication. You want Suboxone out there, that's why. You know the other ADDICTIVE DRUG YOU APPROVED FOR TREATMENT OF ADDICTION!!!! That's WORSE than suffering off heroin I've been told and read over and over… and the moment, if you CAN get off it, you're right back to cravings… go suck an egg FDA. Kratom can have withdrawals, but so does caffeine and alcohol when abused. I'm in Michigan, you know the state smoking marijuana is legal. kratom is legal here as well.
    I'll start a tropic paradise in my basement for you to raid and have something to do besides go after the REAL DRUGS THAT ARE CAUSING THE PROBLEMS! I just took my first dose of kratom yesterday. I have been in the most pain I've ever felt for 2 months, days without eating all because i just couldn't beare the pain after i ate. KRATOM WORKED and i honestly didn't think it would. I didn't get "high" i felt NOTHING but relief & i can eat! It's seriously just blew my mind. Pain medication can bite me… you know the drug you approved for pain that made all the addicts? Kratom keeps people from being an addict.
    Ther only downside of trump,was the idiot he gave the job to.

  11. The licensed doctors can prescribe what they are 100% certain to be dangerous opioid drugs all day long creating and maintaining a health risk of epidemic proportions. Now…that's OKAY!!!. Why? As we are all becoming aware, the deep state is heavily invested in a push to break down the fabric of our society pursuant to a total takeover.
    Health is a condition any faction so invested cannot tolerate as it stands in opposition to their plans. The game plan of the deep state is to cripple and demoralize ANY benefit to the people's strength and welfare. They poison our air, food and water and foment ill health in any and all ways at their avail.
    Many doctors have taken their practices over to holistic methodologies and literally hundreds have been murdered or gone missing for their efforts.
    I happen to know several people on my friends list that have beaten drug addiction with kratom. It works, so there is but one sane conclusion to the FDA's actions. THEY WANT US DEAD AND GONE!

  12. Im going to say it. I have tendencies towards addictive chemicals. I DO NOT crave kratom !? I take it when im in alot of pain. Is it a crime to feel better , is feeling better getting confused with addiction? When im out out of pain, i dont even think about kratom.? Now, why is that ? Hydrocodone, yep im takin that crap every 4 hrs. Regardless if i need it or not. My thinking is so screwed up from those pills; that i dont even stop to think if i even need one !!!

  13. The Jews in big pharma are upset. They want you all to keep popping their pills. And a lot of you will listen, for they are gods chosen ones! HAAA what a crock of shit

  14. He thinks he can get away with it, without realizing that destroying other people's (chance to a better) life is the most unforgivable transgression, and such is worthy of generational curses that will flow from his bloodline to his great grandchildren and even to his fourth generation. For all we know he is also the third from his cursed great grandparent. No one excapes generational curses…I wonder what genetic curses his bloodline has.

  15. Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Druker is a book that will explain the workings of the FDA; the short of it is they behave like a criminal organization. They basically work for big pharma.

    Anyway excellent presentation, I have enjoyed many of your presentations. Thank You.

    I wish you all good things.
    In Light and Love
    Giant Hugs<3<3<3

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