Dr. Oz Petitions the U.S. Government to Study Medical Marijuana

Dr. Oz explains why the U.S. government should study medical marijuana as a solution for chronic pain. You can sign the petition here: …


  1. i dont know much about OZ but my mother was loooking at weed = heroin until she watched him talk about it 🙂 GJ MISTER OZ! YOU REALLY ARE OZ! <3 LOVE YOU IF YOU EVER GOBROKE I WILL FEED YOU AND GIVE YOU FREE ROOM! <3

  2. I had enough research for legal marijuana when I was 19. Come on. Stop the lies. I have ankylosing spondilitis. Auto immune disease. Chronic pain ALL THE TIME. I'm in pain management so I can't use THC. The CBD is ok. But I would like to eat and sleep regularly. Just FYI, this is one of the things a politician said to help outlaw marijuana. "Marihuana makes DARKIES think they are on the same level as a white person. It also makes white women lust for men with dark skin. " Will that make your congressman or governed squirm or what. It's true. Spread the word people. Marijuana being illegal is ridiculous.

  3. Research something that has been proven for 5000 years, that's the American way.


    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Cannabidiol has proven to be extremely effective as a treatment for the symptoms caused by IBS, primarily due to its ability to treat chronic inflammation. Through activation of the cannabinoid receptors within the digestive tract, CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and also decreases the permeability of the intestinal walls. When cells become inflamed within the stomach and intestines, they allow more fluids to pass through the gut and into the body, triggering pain, irritation and a reduction in the ability to absorb nutrients.

    One of the newest ideas about IBS is that it is caused by a lack of endocannabinoids within the digestive system. With cannabinoid therapy, including CBD oil treatment, many people are finding relief from the painful symptoms where other drugs had proven ineffective. This is because CBD increases the quantity of cannabinoids in the system. In some cases, people are prescribed serotonin drugs to help alleviate IBS issues, which could be another reason why CBD oil has been so effective. So, while CBD increases a number of endocannabinoids in the system (which then interact with the CB-1 receptors) it is also capable of stimulating serotonin production. Both these receptors are prolific within the digestive tract.

  4. This stigma about weed is really weird to me cause I live in washington state so it's completely legal here. There's atleast a dozen recreational pot shops here in spokane and alot of different strains you can choose from. The only risk here is that the pot grown here is super strong so people who smoke for the first time might get a panic attack, but other than that there's really no risk.

    My father actually has his liscense to grow, so I help him bud tend. It's actually proven here in washington that more access to suboxone clinics and weed being legal is helping with the opioid epidemic, but weed is still a schedule 1 drug…

  5. As someone who suffers chronic pain, I can tell you any relief, even temporary, will be welcome. Opioids are semi-effective, but rarely enough to deal with constant pain. Those who are against this research have no clue what it's like to live in this nightmare, if they did they would be begging for any help from anywhere they could find it.

  6. Recreational marijuana fights illnesses , prevents illnesses & protects future generations from birth defects & early life illnesses . Unlike medical marijuana whereas we must develop an illnesses like cancers before going to doctors to try to get a prescription . American citizens choice of medicine is none of law enforcement or governments affair . Legalize marijuana nationwide to take the burden off of healthcare . Marijuana was / is / will always be the "CURE" .

  7. I have to admit that this good exposure to the subject in favor of legalization of Cannabis…. That said…
    I get this feeling this guy is not legit and he is just trying to pull a "Dr. Sanjay Gupta" effect on to his show just for ratings.
    I could be wrong but I'm just saying what my first impression was….

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