1. Did not click submit, and yet my card still got charged. I called to cancel it and a lady who didnt speak very well English refused to transfer me when i asked her to. She kept trying to up sale me with a lower price, i kept saying no, but she refused to take my answer. Finally after 5 mins of going back and forth with this lady, she finally cancelled my subscription and sent me a cancellation confirmation email. Funny side note, i received that email yesterday, saved it on my desktop, then went back today to look at it since the bottle i didnt order was delivered today, and that email was gone! I did not delete it, i did however find it in my history and printed out just in case.

  2. Phone number I received from my bank is 855-352-9766. Was on line with them for 44 minutes demanding to talk to a supervisor!!! Supervisor I talk with that gave me a confirmation number for my full refund is Jack Garcia.

  3. This is a scam!!! Will keep charging your account. Then say there is no refund. Waiting to get my refund after telling them I will sue them and report to Better Business Bureau.

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