1. I took Koi CBD sublingualy 2 or 3 times daily(1/2 dropper) for 10 days and tested positive for THC. It has now been 1 week since I've taken any and am still producing a positive result.

  2. This is crazy because even the CBD that’s advertised as not containing THC, has proven to contain trace amounts. My hospital tests for even trace amounts. They give you some leeway where if you test under a certain amount which I think is .18% or so, they interpret the results as a negative. But how much is that realistically, like 2 days of vaping CBD? So if I vape even once a day, I’m assuming that by the end of the week I’ll test positive, or false positive. And bam there goes my jizzob that I spent 6 years in school to fucking get a degree for. Boston lawmakers, pls read this and encourage Boston area hospitals and other companies to revise their policy.. or at least for labs to be able to differentiate a THC recreational consumer from a productive worker who wants a natural means to treat a disability like inflammation! 😩 We get opioid OD patients multiple times DAILY in hospitals and only a quarter of them walk out the same walk they came in… shouldn’t CBD be encouraged?? Or do big pharma companies have their money too deep in your pockets? I’m sure many people here are not in it for the high and would opt for a fully guaranteed “THC-free” CBD product if they could but the market is flooded with 95% of the products that say “THC-free” but still show trace amounts. Don’t you want to “tackle” the opioid crisis like you say you do when lobbying for government positions? So start here! I can’t begin to tell you the mindblowing turn around we see in patients who suffer from Epilepsy and chronic inflammation who have started using CBD. Many even stopped receiving corticosteroid shots in arthritic joints because they swear by the CBD. We’re getting tons of questions from patients that we don’t know how to answer. Come on Boston, step it up and be a positive influence on other states to adapt to these new recreational laws!

  3. I took full spectrum CBD oil that contained less than .3% THC content. After taking a "random" drug test I was fired for "violation of the Company's policy regarding drug free workplace." The relevant UC rule in PA is Section 402(e.1), "failing to pass drug/alcohol test." I took more than the recommended daily dosage of 10 drops per day, with the false believe that it was 'not psychoactive' and that it would not get me in trouble. I took an extra dose at night when I had to use the bathroom and then another dose in the morning before going to work. WRONG, BIG TIME WRONG! At my appeal hearing I submitted a 28 page document and am now waiting to hear the referee's judgment. The THC test is one big Gotcha'. It makes no distinction between usage of marijuana (illegal drug) or CBD oil (legal supplement). CBD oil is non-psychoactive, indeed. The key lies in the ratio of CBD to THC. For ratios of 1:1 or more, CBD blocks THC's "high" effect associated with the stimulation of the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain. My ratio was 35.6:1! The law makes no such distinction and it needs to be changed. My caution to you, if you are taking CBD oil: 1) Order one of those home drug test kits (10 test strips<$8.00) from Amazon and test yourself to be safe. The cutoff level on those kits is 50 ng/ml. Should you be as unlucky as I was, and test positive on the first screen, your urine sample will be sent to a MRO (medical review officer) who will use the GC/MS test to check for a specific THC metabolite (the no longer psychoactive by-product of THC) with a lower cutoff level of 15 ng/ml. 2) Avoid this mess completely: switch to a THC isolate CBD oil which contains "0" THC. My former employer chose to play 'hard ball" with me to show that he has a "0" tolerance for drug abuse. He was not at all impressed that I displayed no signs of marijuana abuse i.e. red eyes, dry cough, slow reaction time, difficulty in thinking, etc. I just got screwed by the system! I wish I had known all this beforehand so that I could have avoided all this; yes, pain, and kept my job. Good luck to everyone!

  4. I got positive drug tested after taking CBD oil. I haven’t taken any Thc product. This was urine test. Now my employer wants me to get hair tested. It’s been 30 days since I stopped cbd oil also. I am deeply worried if it might cause my hair test to come positive as well.
    Has anyone taken hair test after doing cbd.

  5. At the end of this interview the anchor on the right side of the screen is saying that there's no way for labs to tell the difference between a person who smokes marijuana and uses CBD oil? That is completely false they do know how to test for that and if somebody test is 0.018% a person who smoking would have a much higher percentage in their blood than that but the fact that the media is lying about this and they're using this opportunity to now attack CBD oil as a part of the whole of the cannabis plant even though the CBD compound itself is 100% non-psychoactive it does not impair your judgement

  6. They can tell the difference between POT HEADS and cbd users…. A cbd user will have a small amount of thc in his or her system a pot head will have mass amounts…. The labs don't care about ruining lives they care about getting paid to find trace amounts of thc or any drug only.

  7. This is also my concern , in my region the THC is illegal , I want to get CBD oil but No matter Full Spectrum CBD oil or Broad Spectrum CBD oil, from the chemical aspect , they all contain very very very small amount of THC, but laws are if I buy CBD oil which is claimed as THC-Free, it still has the THC, I’m not smuggling illegal drug but the laws is, get any amount of illegal drug from the outside of the country will be deemed as Illegal Drug Smuggling

  8. I’m waiting to hear back about my mothers positive drug test for THC. It was a random drug test, first time purchasing the frog gummies from Green Roads, or ANY CBD products ever. I gave her half of a 50mg and tested positive for THC two days later. Now it has been sent out for further analysis. The product clearly states un-detectable THC on the website and no THC on the package. We don’t smoke weed or do drugs. I’m going to test myself tomorrow to see if I also in fact test positive. And I took 150mg in a day and felt nothing. I originally purchased for myself to see if It would help my insomnia and restlessness. Also mood. We will see what the outcome is. My mother is on edge about her job.

  9. CBD isn't only good with pain. It helps anxiety and depression and insomnia. But CBD shouldn't be enough. Marjuanna on general should be legal. CBD works better with some percentage of the in it. The(marjuanna) is not a drug and it's bullshit it's glorified as a drug. It's something that helps people and we're being denied it. They should be making g drug tests that test if you on it at that moment not in general

  10. I dont have this problem. I refuse to work for any employer who does drug testing, and I'm a very productive $40,000 a year employee. Those fucking Pigs dont deserve CBD oil. You dont get to destroy peoples lives FOR YEARS, and then start using the same beneficial plant you were locking people up over. FTP

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