Cannabis affect men with BPD

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  1. I am a male with BPD. My doctor has had me on several different drugs of which none had any effect on helping control my BPD. Then one day I met a retired vet who suffers from PTSD, we got to talking and I told him that I suffer from BPD. He told me that BPD is a lot like PTSD, so much so that the treatments where the same. He told me that I should try Marijuana, he said that he thinks it will be a game changer for me. Well I took his advice and he was not wrong. The people closest to me said they saw a huge change in me and that it was immediate, now they are always making sure I have my medicine. Marijuana has been a game changer for me and the people who care about me.

  2. For me it flares up my panic, used to be quite debilitating but it annoyed me so much i kept doing it to "conquer the fear", which surprisingly worked quite well, when i'm alone, if i'm around people and stoned i tend to retreat entirely into myself, it seems that for me it entirely removes any "acting normally" mechanisms i have built up, social ques go out the window and i'm left with an overwhelming feeling that my mind is going seven places at once and i'm convinced it won't make any sense to anyone, so i shut up.

  3. I just found your channel! Totally digging it! Also my view on marijuana just depends on how it is consumed (smoking, edibles, concentrates) just depends. I have BPD and I find edibles keep me stable during triggers and really rough days. Also totally love the idea of a joint in the apocalypse bugout bag hahahaha I'll need to add that one to the kit.

  4. Hype over an erb, seams daft to me. Though Erb is a jealous God. Thou shalt not drink juice of the barley nor of grape of the vine or of purdy, before smoking me. Somehow it's just always there like in the air. No different than a nice pot of stewed tea. Or a pot of strong coffee. We don't even know what withdrawal is; until were quitting opiates. Marijuana is definitely non addictive. Iv'e known one's to go totally schizo after a couple of drags on a spliff though. Underlying mental frailty can be brought to the fore, by the power of the green erb. FAF but.

  5. Marijuana stirs BPD pretty well, mostly in a good way I suppose. I consider it to be good as well as bad for me. It brings out lot of positivity in me but also makes me paranoid a lot. It helps me making better decision, be confident, helps with mindfulness but with the good comes the bad… makes me eat a lot, gain weight, makes me careless even more, makes me not want to be outta my comfort zone, not easy for me to quit, consider myself to be dependent on it, life without it literally everything is boring for me and with it it’s amazing but I don’t realise I’m losing it by being careless.

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