Canadian Cannabis Strain Review – Pink Starburst

18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT For my 18th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Pink Starburst. During my reviews I will mention the …


  1. I wish I could smoke with you, I'm growing this now and mine smells just like pink starburst and nothing else. Reeks of pink starburst.. I wonder if I got a special plant… or maybe the smell changes when it cures.. I'll let you know, it is 1 week and a half from harvest and I have 2 clones in veg from the mother if flower so I can make feminized seeds if I have something special..

  2. Anyone try the cross Rasburrey Kush / Pink Starburst? I liked it and there was a bag seed… it's 3 months in flower and smells like Pink Starburst. I got some clones from it, vegging..

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