1. Dealing with air Aqua male from my passed more then 15 years soulmate connection he s not expressing his feelings rigt now I stayed single and waitted for him for more then 15 years and its,been a year since I sent him a friend request on Facebook.. and he stopped communicating with me with me so I have to focus on me. It resanates,we both have psychic abilities I'm a very connected and we telepathically communicate with each other but he's not opening up to me about how he feels and he stopped communicating with me so I need to just stand back and give him his space but I will always be here for him no matter what thank you

  2. Actually the situation is completely reversed. They are the one who refused to make any effort even though I was always there for him. So I finally stopped trying because continually put me in uncomfortable & awkward situations; especially when his nut-bag stalker hunted me down at a bar to yell at me over nonsense. He knows how to reach me if he ever cares enough to “bother” communicating with me or, you know, Apologize for all the BS he put me through👍

  3. Dont understand cause Aqua husband filed for divorce after he was caught cheating, abandoned me and went ghost. He made a hugh mistake if he thought he was going to keep playing with me. This was his 2nd chance. He broke this happy marriage to go outside and play. Well go out as no play and stay out. I'm done with the lies the manipulation and conniving ways. Looking for real love.

  4. I'm a Pisces with a Scorpio moon. I've been studying Tarot since the of time. I know YOU know this but, I just want to remind you that you're incredibly intuitve. It would be really., really interesting to hear you being interviewed on something like Coast2Coast radio. You're so intuitive/psychic, I wonder what your opinions are on other subjects. I sense that you are very spiritual like I am. May God bless you, Jessica.

  5. Thank you.im an Aries and she is a Libra.i just really hope she will talk to me I just want her to know that I always always love and care for her and two kids.we had problems last year and she block me and she change her number.im so lost in it all cause I became the most hated person in her life.but she wants me to change but how do I do that she inspects me to read poetry in IG and listen to music I mean I feel like she plays with my mind my heart it hurts alot I mean she doesn't know what she done to me or doing to me.yes I'll admit sometimes I feel it's better I end my destiny cause my heart can only take so much but I understand.maybe she is ashame of me idk but if she is reading I just want her to know my love and care for her always real and I never stop loving and caring for her and two kids like I told her one day when we were just friends that her and two kids are very very special in my heart forever no one can change or remove or replace them in me up till this day that's why I hurt everyday my tears runs down my cheeks everyday sometimes I have to hide it but it's hard cause my heart just keeps crying it's can't carry anymore pain.😢💔😘❤✌🙏☝

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