1. I have a question. I imagine that on your dosing day, you have the effects mentioned above, but do they linger on your non-dosing days when you follow the Fadiman dosing schedule? Thanks

  2. Rapé is an excellent way to microdose…can be done daily (with a day off every 5-7 days or so). Has other health benefits as well, since it is a complex plant medicine (different formulas have different actions).

  3. just eat a fukn' 8th & stop fucking around

    macrodosing is way more effective

    trust me

    you want to take about 10 times an effective dose

    For mushrooms this will be between 20 and 50 grams

    take no days off, and repeat seven days a week, 365 days a year

    You'll be money, trust me

  4. One question microdosing keeps giving me (maybe it is anwered somewhere idk) is "how can it work?" because every guide on shrooms ànd everyone's experience, says "you build up resistance to psilocybin super fast, if you do 2 days in a row, the second time will do almost nothing" so how can it do anything if your body just blocks the effect? it seems to me like eating dmt, even tho your digestive tract neutralises that when you dont use a mao inhibitor.. .. you just get some stuff into your body that is digested and excreted, no effect because your body blocks it all..

  5. I took 160mcg for the first time and didn't experience any visual distortions, delusions, thought-loops, impairment, etc. I felt almost like I was on Adderall but without any anxiety or racing thoughts. I felt utterly at peace and found it much easier to realize and actualize my fears/neuroticism. I think that 10mcg wouldn't give many people any noticeable effects, I'm a lightweight and sensitive to psychoactive substances but I was very surprised at how coherent and unimpaired I was on such a high dose. It was nothing at all like I expected. LSD is a medication with incredibly vast therapeutic potential. I don't think LSD will let you feel very good if you're fucking your life up or hurting others, it will shove that in your face and make you fix it. On the other hand, it can help you address irrational and unnecessary fears like social anxiety that are holding you back.

  6. Man how many fake accounts does the government have giving negative comments here? I see a lot of comments trying to talk people out from doing it… they just don't want everyone opening their third eye and waking up

  7. 1:30 that’s basically just tripping, and ‘micro-dosing’ this way sounds extremely habit forming. I would say beware!! further if your doing anything like LSD, at any dose, I would NOT drive. the whole spiderweb, house, world stuff is mind blowing, but lose ur focus while driving etc. bad news. As for billionaires doing this I call BS. who are these billionaires, an even if they did why would they tell anyone? Lastly you’d need a pretty good dealer to know the strength of your LSD, micro-dosing may not be that easy. Hope that’s not to negative, I think it’s an awesome thing to do, but I think a one off now an again is the better option

  8. doesn't your body build up immediate tolarence to lsd and shrooms… so this wil work only the first, second and maybe third day of microdosing. then it would stop working i guess. maybe it is just a placebo?

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