30 Days No Weed – The Detox Process

This video is about 30 days without weed. It’s a 30 days no weed documentary of sorts. I give you (almost) daily updates where I talk about the difficulties I’m …


  1. I watched the 60 day video too. You are still drinking alcohol? Try to take a break from all of it, if you can. Doing to the Sober October thing right now. I like to drink and smoke grass, but some heavy exercise kicks the desire every time! If I am wrong about the drinking, I apologize. Good on you either way. #soberoctober

  2. You could be feeling depressed because you were depressed before you started smoking weed and you started to help reduce that anxiety and depression. Weed has no withdrawal effects from what I’ve seen (from personal experience).

  3. No disrespect but you obviously never smoked weed. I go on a tolerance break every 3 weeks. I don’t feel groggy, don’t feel tired, only effect I feel is really fucking bored all the time. That could be because I stay active and try to stay away from greasy food.

  4. You know what, way to long ago haha!

    But in all seriousness, I recognize what you said on day 12. I think people start to question there own "use" when you tell them you aren't using. But they don't wanna face those feelings so if you are both using there's nothing to feel bad about and the problem dissipates. I had this a few times when I quit smoking cigarettes and quit drinking alcohol. I took this personally at first and then looked back and realized I was probably that little asshole myself way back in the day.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you, did you do anything to relieve yourself when experiencing feelings of unease besides working out? Like meditating or…. anything else except for working out. Did you look at your thoughts around smoking? Because in my experiencing, alltough this is a great accomplishment off you, it's not as much about taking away the substance as it is about creating new habits around dealing with the thing that drove you to smoke in the first place. I'm asking out off curiosity, because maybe I could learn a thing or two as I'm in the process of staying a sober for dear life. Also glad to see you liking your own comment, lol.

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