1. The woman you used in the thumbnail, the pictures are actually backwards. On the right, that’s a picture of her all messed up as a meth addict. The picture on the left is her AFTER quitting meth and getting her life back together. I read an article on her, she’s totally sober now and has an awesome life, she had a baby too and got her life together. You should change the thumbnail, it’s misleading

  2. I have met many people who do meth, and some have been doing so for 30+ years. They don't look a thing like the "after" pics. I have, however, met people that do meth AND heroin, and they DO look like the "after" pics. Many meth users who do heroin will go above and beyond to hide their heroin addiction. Any opinions? Facts you want to share?

  3. Frage mich wo die ganzen Flecken im Gesicht herkommen! Kenne selber Leute die Meth konsumieren, doch keiner von denen sieht auch nur annähernd so aus. Flecken oder Pickel im Gesicht, sind bei keinem zu sehen. Und nach nur 8 Monaten so eine Veränderung, kann ich mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen.

  4. I am studying to be a prison therapist. I strongly believe that people addicted to anything should not be jailed. If anything this going to jail makes them do it even more. We say drug addiction is a disease. Would you put a cancer patient in jail for contracting leukemia? Or a teenage for catching a cold? I'm on a mission to not just in my state but all over the United states to have people like this put in rehabs. Oh let's give these addicts felonies make it impossible for them to get jobs and better themselves all because of a disease. Its complete bullshit. I'm determined to fix this.

  5. It ages u , when your older u can get alzheimers, this shit just bad, pancreatic problems heart problems u name it just don't try and get sucked in don't know why any one would

  6. Keep in mind. People don’t recover. They can enter recovery but that lasts a lifetime. Once an addict or alcoholic always an addict or alcoholic. If you haven’t started, don’t!

  7. What they fail to tell you, is that most of this aging and haggard look is due to the lifestyle. Not the drug use itself. If drugs weren't illegal ,I'm betting that you wouldn't be able to notice a difference in said amounts of time. If drugs were controlled and sold like alcohol, 99% of the bad side effects go away. Whether you know it or not, this so called war on drugs , is actually a war on people , and it has done far more harm to humanity, than any drug ever could.

  8. We absolutely did the hardest and most unimaginable by having him arrested and spend 5 days in jail( torture for a parent). Followed by court ordered rehab and sober living. He’s been in numerous in and out patient recovery treatments. We have lost everything financially. My house of 28 years is due to b auctioned off in January. The cost of legal fees and rehabs has drained us. Yet here we still stand; watching our son having his life sucked from him by the grip of effing heroin

  9. If my kid becomes addict I will quit work, chain him to a bed till he kicks the habit. If he goes back I will do it again and again till the day he or I is dead. He may hate me but I would hate myself if I did not do it. Not trying to be a tough guy just can’t imagine the pain of seeing a loved one kill them self’s in front of you. Best of luck to all going through it

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