The Psychedelic Healing Power of Ayahuasca

We visit a weekend retreat where the psychedelic drug Ayahuasca is used for therapeutic purposes by shamans who guide participants on a spiritual journey.


  1. My boyfriend thought I was whack because after having one bad trip on acid I wanted to drop it one more time. I urged him, he was against it because the droppings were so close together. He finally budged and babysat me while i did it, it was great listened to music the whole time and drew some doodles, havent done that in a few years now thanks to my depression. Different views on everything, didn't help with me being in my head all the time but it helped me become comfortable with being in my head all of the time.

  2. I tried psychedelic drug one time in my life and I was so scared, i had a very bad trip involuntarily everything around me has scared me and i had thoughts that not ends one over the other it was soooo weird and it scared me soo much that i don’t want to try it again but sincerely i’m soo curious to have a nice trip who proves me that psychedelics are not that bad

  3. Why go through all that when you can get it with one herb? If you know the right herb no need to go to all the long trip to get high. Just to fool yourself you having issues also, waste time and money. jims*#% you didn't hear from me plz ..proper preparation and you hit bottom in less than 30 mins

  4. So basically you got to a place where you stay and trip out? nah im good fam, they could rape you or do anything to you while your on that. drugs like that mess with your mind and could leave you permanently fried! smoke weed and go vegan. lets live to 50 years old guys… hopefully lmao

  5. Hi guys, can some of you who have experienced this please provide feedback on where in the world is good to experience this? Next year I am going full time travelling with my family, and i want to plan this into my travels next year. At this stage we will be travelling to South East Asia, Europe, North America, and maybe Central America. Any advice welcome 🙂

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