1. I've heard that cbd oil only effectively delivers 10% of the stated CBD concentration per 1mg serving. However, water soluable CBD is more bio available and effectively delivers on average 94% of the stated CBD concentration per 1mg serving. Please clarify.

  2. 1000 mg = one gram. when you compare ( RSO) "hemp"oil for example, the regimen for cancer treatment is 1 to 3 grams RSO Daily ( 1000/ 3000mg ) @ 70-90% . the RSO oil mentioned is thick and viscous and the serving is the size of a grain of rice or two grains. RSO is nothing like available on the market oils where 500 mg is titrated out to 30 doses ETC….

  3. Thank you for this helpful information. I am new to the CBD oil thing but not new to cannabis I grew up in the 70's, I realize they are different as far as THC can be in both but not always in CBD. My question for you is I suffer from chronic pain and have been prescribed opioids for almost 20 yrs on and off. I am trying to learn about the CBD as an alternative way of decreasing pain. I am also post and pre-surgery I use 7.5 Norco which really isn't strong enough for me, what mg. strength do you suggest I start off with when trying CBD for the first time?

  4. In Canada the legal cbd you buy from government regulated stores always label 10mg/1ml or 25mg/1ml so right now I have the 10mg/ml I’m assuming I’m getting 10mg for each ml I take correct? They don’t label with the total amount in the bottle, seen the US and Canada labels the opposite way.

  5. maybe this is to simple but can you just put the proper amount instead of what is labeled now,,, just saying wtf,,thiis is were the Industry reaklly needs to get it right or more clear, after listen to the Deam I am even more confused, DAM KEEP IT SIMPLE DAM It

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