1. I just get really paranoid and introspective on weed. If I'm lucky it'll just make me feel really tired and then I'll have poor quality sleep, waking up the following day feeling rough. Not good for anxiety/depression.

  2. Interesting, you smoke CBD? Rarely see that. In my country (please don't stereotype: the Netherlands) we place small drops under the tongue (say 6-8 per day total, depending on the strength of your CBD – mine is 5%) and let it sit there for about half a minute.

    CBD is kind of the opposing compound of THC. Thats why if you vaporize weed, you get this psychoactive high (less on the body) as vaporizing only gets to temperatures high enough that vape THC, not CBD (CBD starts at 200ish celcius, THC 140/160ish). CBD kind of neutralizes the extreme psychoactive side of THC. CBD alone does have effects but they're barely noticeable, but I'm quite confident it works. Just.. Not as much. You should try upping your dose and keep trying for about a week. It should reduce some of your anxiety, but it's not going to change your life. So yeah, wouldn't harm to use it, but the benefits are minor and almost neglectable. But I'm sure it's worth a try. Maybe try putting it under your tongue instead of smoking it though..?

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