1. Man I went from smokin like a good 8th a day tuh the point I can only take a few hits off a blunt or just smoke a bowl through out the hole day cuz my anxiety and doubts were getting to me

  2. Hey man need your help. So i have been high once. At my friends house it was off a pen. I tried many times before but it never did anything to me. Well that night i take 2 1/2 hits from his pen and i start feeling all tingly. At first i was excited cause i realized i’m finally high then my heart started going fast. At first i didn’t notice but it grabbed my attention and it was beating so fast. I started to panic and my friends were laughing which made it worse. One of my friends knew what i was going through and helped me the whole night. It was horrible. I want to know what it’s like to have a nice high. I’m to scared to try again though cause i don’t wanna experience that again

  3. @jball2ktv Great vid J.. I relate 💯% bro and so do my friends, so we all have a bit of that shit 😱 in us. Good to have ppl like yourself my man putting out there so everyone don't think it's just them bro. 👍 Keep it up bro these vids help you also because you can look back 👌

  4. Hey hun great video , keep up the great work , ur voice sound so nice, i get chills sheesshh, 😂 🙈 let me stop 🤣 u know i had too come through too show love💚💚💚💚
    Becareful with these marijuana smoke , i learned marijuana tap you in the spiritual world far as feelin everything around u , and ur body is giving stronger awarness of those frequencies and vibrations rather then being in a regular natural state, and if u do smoke dont smoke with ppl who are not on ur vibration, u dont want any spirits attachment 😘

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