1. Sure ….legalize pot… then make EVERYTHING ELSE illegal!… Jesus I thought I wouldn't HAVE to bother with getting the PRESCRIPTION after legalization…. thanks for the info!

  2. It could also negatively impact professionals like pilots, teachers and health care providers. But the thing is those who use thc to treat conditions generally are very responsible users.

  3. They have a lot to work out and I personally feel they should have worked it out before announcing legalization. They have/had enough resources and ability to implement programs.

  4. I also find it interesting that they have no roadside testing methods to test for opiates, which in my opinion have a far greater affect on a persons ability to drive than marijuana does.

  5. Another interesting point is tolerance. With marijuana someone who has very little consumption history could be extremely impaired after only consuming 5 mg of thc. Whereas a heavy chronic, or medicinal user could use 50mg of thc and not experience the same intensity of psychoactive effects as the novice user would.

  6. Cbd users be aware also. If you take a combination equal parts of cbd and thc, the cbd will for the most part negate or minimize the psychoactive effects of the thc without reducing the medicinal benefits.

    But if tested, although not impaired it’s plausible they could test as such.

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