Awesome time! Go check out The Indo Expo! Links below! (Also, apologies, but there was no smoking section.) Indo Expo Instagram …


  1. Yeah I agree 6:45 … if you are cranking more than 30 lights by yourself and dont have
    primo A resin (30+% tested) greenbroz for sure is the best trimmer machine
    right now… or if you dont know any pro trimmers, machine trim best bet is
    greenbroz for sure, i agree 100 percent.

    Otherwise if you grow five star quality genetics, you gotta hand trim it to keep the best of the best above the
    rest 😉 .. Ive used them all too in Denver, native roots, river rock,
    craft, superfarm, etc. Greenbroz losesonly a little bit of kief but at
    least the method collects it all in the bin (besides the handles), but
    that allows proper extracts with premium shake. THe twister, tumblers,
    trimpros, and fast machines just ruin your resin on your flower

    The Original first style trimbin ive always
    recommended with the 150 micron metal screen… but those holes in that
    bright green thing are WAY to damn small my dude haha.. I say keep the
    regular trimbin unless they make some of those holes bigger to sweep in
    the bigger trim leaves.

    General Hydro works but its overpriced
    and now sold out to MiraclGro Scotts corporation (the Monsanto Scotts
    marijuana buyouts are labeled under the corporation called hawthorne
    garden group) basically MiraclGro bought them out :/, avoid at all cost
    now. Cyco is not bad but its overpriced cause its shipped watered down
    nutes from Australia. If you ask me, Veg+bloom is where its at for
    quality and bang4buck prepackaged nute companies… example, @ cubangrower on IG, winning hash cups and all in seattle and cali

    Those joint machines with 100 are a time saver but dude is lying 100 joints in 2 minutes lol.. we had 8 guys at the 3alight
    crew/superfarm warehouse, we only did about 3500 joints in a shift with
    the mandatory 2 hr breaks in denver, and that was with 8 pro trimmers.
    Their Success nutrient line is pretty legit. But With the J machine, you
    still have to use a packing poker after it comes out the machine, every
    time… cause they are hella looose even with the shaker underneath.
    and then you also have to twist the cone shut too. No way its 100 every 2
    minutes hahah

    Thanks for sharing man, expo is getting huge, the lines and shit! crazy

    Oh, check out the freenail710, everybody is going to be using them in the next 2 years, watch their video. no heavy battery wireless enail for any dab rigs

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