I QUIT smoking weed & invested the money. (Checking My Portfolio Ep. 1)

A lot of you may not know this, but I quit smoking weed and started investing instead. Here I am with back to back uploads to show you guys how serious I am …


  1. Nice. good for you. blizzard went down after blizzcon when they announced diablo immortal but if you looking for long term it will definitely go up next year probably it will go up a bit in december too since new heartstone expansion is dropping.

  2. Zoie there's a reason why Blizzard's stock plummeted. They announced a mobile game in front of fanbase that was mainly PC gamers and it involved one of the their top franchises which was Diablo. And they didn't announce a new Diablo 4 game along with the mobile game like Bethesda did with Elder Scrolls And they said they're not moving the mobile game to PC down the road. They're in PR damage control right now so who knows when it'll go back up.

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