How To Grow 4 Cannabis Plants In Canada – Part 2 – Fully Legal Indoor Tent LED Autoflower – Nov/9

In this series, I will teach you the best cheapest way to get the best yield from your 4 cannabis plants, under the new Canadian law ——-—–CANADIAN …


  1. hey man i asked under an older video before but im gonna ask here again because i dont know if youre gonna see it. I was wondering if 2 × 900w meizhi led would be enough for a 4×4 tent and how much plants do you recommend for that area ? i would really appreciate any help

  2. I'm not growing yet. But I really want too.
    I was just given a solar panel with a controller for it. (Technically two. But only allowed to use the one) . And I will need to hook up a 12V battery. . Not fully sure what it should power. And I can only grow outside. (Waiting till the season changes here in alberta). I have been looking into heated mini greenhouse. But I'm a baller on a budget.

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