1. Highest ive ever been was the second time smoking weed, i went to my room, sat down on the bed then couldn’t get up for 30 mins, but my mum was coming home and my bong was in the kitchen so it took everything in me to get up and to the kitchen to clean everything up and i ended up throwing up, shit was fucked up

  2. I don’t understand how people have bad weed trips.i can see as your first time or second time smoking thinking your gonna die cause of some of the feeling that are quite “scary” but for the most part I am so much more open and fun while stoned

  3. PSA: if you suspect somebody is having a seizure do NOT, I repeat do NOT punch them in the face. Protect their head such as by holding it gently in your lap and get medical help right away.

  4. I'm in that boat right now. I get paranoid no matter what when I smoke weed..

    Sucks cause I used to smoke heavily and all of the sudden I get panic attacks no matter what strain/weed I smoke.

  5. One time I was stoned i was trippin out a bit I thought the tire on my car was cut open and i kept looking for something to cover it up and i told my dad and sister hey I think I needa go buy a new tire I fucked it up my dad checked it and he said nothing wasn't even wrong with it

  6. I passed out from taking a waterfall bong rip. I realized it was too big a hit after I inhaled and was like oh shit! and my eyes closed then I opened them and I was on the floor. I was so confused for like 20 minutes as to why I decided to lay on the floor…..after 20 minutes I realized since my knee was in immense pain that I must have fallen after passing out. Weird times

  7. 5:48 this happened to me before, it was after I flew back home, I took one bongie and I just couldn’t move or see anything. But I could hear my friends asking me if I was good. Wonder what causes this. Really good weed?🤣

  8. This one time a guy got high of a bong and it gave him mental issues and he is homless now and colecti g bottles of garbage bi s and returns them for 25 cent to eat. I met him my work biddy told me the story. I immediately saw it was true. He said he knows 3 or was it 4 guys like that

  9. the paranoia is the best part. You gotta be calm when you use weed, and in a good mood and place in your mind and body. Don't be using weed when your stressed out and having a bad day, it'll make it worse. But you know what, you gotta let you self know theres nothing wrong and you're just overthinking everything. Calm down, you're high and its supposed to be fun.

  10. One time I was duck hunting in the living room with a paintball gun. I was in a pond with the hot dog plants and ducks flying over. Later I was drifting in a space capsule. Also the couch was a Nissan GTR but the worse was the world slowly being crushed, that one was probably my eyes getting heavy.

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