1. My strimmer head holes don’t have slots so you have to thread the line through putting it back together the line springs open on me and then bird nests on me and the line locks up on the spool. It’s a PITA so haven’t used it this last summer. Maybe a different line brand might help but I do find the memory of the line coming of the parent spool messed with the rewinding onto the strimmer spool if only I could get it to relax and straighten out first maybe of use.

  2. Look my idea about change line and use any diameter , sure you can make this part and sell too

  3. Have the same trimmer for several years. It’s by far the best I have ever owned. The attachments are handy for it as well. I’ve got the chain saw for limbs that hit me when I mow, and the solid blade for the thick brush.The original trim line holder on mine would twist down a bit and lock in. Don’t lose those silver guides or,the spring. The replacement I picked up doesn’t lock in. I haven’t heard of putting line in the freezer. I always thought the line just got hot and welded together. It only does it when I’m hot, tired and have been at it all day. I buy it by the big roll and use the gate on the truck to measure off what the spool will hold. I enjoy your music!

  4. Thanks for taking time to help others, y'all have a beautiful place. If you take and measure your line say to the top of your head (that's my gauge) double it and then put both ends into the notches in the head, you can wind up both sides at one time. Just a little more time saved. Thanks for your vlogs.

  5. Doing it that way works but you wind twists into the spool. A better way would be wind one side and cut it off. Un wind it and use it to measure the other line. Have them both pulled out away from you straight. When you wind then the line can twist freely and you won't wind the twists into the spool. It is the same principle as trying to roll up a 100 ft. extention cord by walkand and winding toward the end. Standing and winding pulling the cord to you allows it to un twist. Hope this helps also.

  6. I will add this since on topic of trimmers.I use Sthil stuff and only Sthil.I have attempted the autowind head.One where you feed string on each side and crank.Do not like them at all.I like the head types like in vid.I have a few heads with string.When one is empty I just swap head.Nothing like 100 deg outside and run out of line.I myself do about 7 hrs a day six days a week in trimming.To keep the trimmer in top running I tell many and they never hear of.That is, NEVER use junk gas.That is, with Ethanol.It will wreak a carb.Builds up gum dry rots lines so on.Never leave gas sit in tank for months also unless treated.Always use 90 oct NO ETHANOL gas.Not every gas station sells, but is around.Costs more, but will help running top shelf and last.That is #1 reason why trimmers, blowers, saws etc do not start.Or act up or many other issues.Junk gas and gas sitting in tank.For a mix, I use Sthil hp…. And yes, do not wrap string tighly.It will bond up and not feed.

  7. Removing the guard is interesting. The less I have to use the bump head may be better!
    Love my Stihl trimmer. I think I have the same one. Been havung to use different ones this year. No comparison! I think I have that same trimmer that neefs a fuel cable. There was some confusion when I tried to order one.
    I miss my Stihl!

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