Michigan Proposal One Discussion — Michigan Cannabis — Michigan Legal Marijuana

In this video I talk about how Proposal One passed in my home state of Michigan. I talk about some side effect of legalization, and how some people will be …

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  1. My goal of this video is to share information and network with like-minded people that want to start up a Cannabis business. Together, combining resources and knowledge, I believe there is a high level of success. Please feel free to reach out to me and tell me your story and our goals in the marijuana sector! In my mind the lowest barrier to entry is a provisioning center or cultivation farm. The provisioning center has much fast return on capital since you are selling daily. The farming aspect has a long turn over rate, which is normal with farming any crop. However, with off set harvesting, and light deprivation, that can change. As always to due that style of farming is capital intensive versus a basic frame and poly tarp greenhouse. Pros and cons.

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