Why Some In The NBA Are Betting Big On Competitive Gaming

(Presented by League of Legends) The growth of competitive gaming has individuals from traditional sports, including the NBA, looking to get in on its big future.


  1. Because they have money, and they do not know other professional knowledge, but the gaming competition come money fast. Also they have the reputation for young people.

  2. Had no idea Rick Fox was involved with 100 Thieves. Really cool to see his excitement and enthusiasm for the team. So cool to see where videogames have come over the last 40 years and to imagine where they'll be in another 40. 💖 Gaming

  3. This is why it always confuses me why some traditional sports fans get so angry when gaming crosses over. The ones that should be the most concerned or outraged by it, are some of the ones advocating for a bigger esport scene.

  4. I like competitive gaming just not with the former XBOX junkies who played Gears and Halo now acts as if their Gods if you're just trying your best especially if you are a novice trying to be or get invested in a game.

  5. It's easy.
    It's an untapped market where a small few are profiting from this giant growing market. They're just wanting to expand their portfolio have another avenue for profit.

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