1. Shroom 🍄 trip sounds like something that may help you get back on track and out of depression. Just from your videos I feel like you’re a female version of me. I dislike when I’m with people that want to drink and I want to smoke. 😑 I feel your pain.

  2. You need vitamin-D supplements during the rainy season to prevent mood swings caused by lack of sunlight. That is how we survive the dark months here in Scandinavia. Cheers from Sweden…

  3. Please find more compassion for yourself. You deserve it! You also deserve some time to allow your body to completely rest and recover from all that you’ve been dealing with. My experience of bypassing my healing (divorce after 18 year marriage) was that I got really really sick for several years, and allowed myself to stay in a relationship that started “great” (6 months after split with hubby) but ended horrifying. Not to say that will happen to you for sure, but my story is a cautionary tale. As soon as I started really valuing myself first and foremost, everything finally turned around- that part is what I really wanted to share, because everyone deserves to be kind to themselves, like we would treat a cherished loved one. It’s a practice, moment to moment. ❤️💪🦄🐐🌈😁💕

  4. Havent watched in awhile buuuttt whaaattt da fuk ..???…from one relationship right into another ??..you aint a teenager girl !! some kinda crazy goin on !!Look after yourself …its alll you got and all you are ever gonna have , seriously.Peace.

  5. Find yourself… Take a break from men, we only screw you up… STOP DRINKING, IT'S A KNOWN DEPRESSANT!
    Hike, get into nature, meditate, and figure out who and what you are inside of yourself, without projecting it onto someone else, thinking they will make you happy, you and only you can find your own happiness, and that is within..

  6. ..take break from square boyfriends & roommates
    ..yes you'll be in a smaller house, smaller apartment, but get your own space, your own place to medicate, meditate, do you.

  7. 3:25 ..mind the company you keep. these square boyfriends, yes opposites attract, they like her because she's bad assl, she likes them 'cause theyre square & suppose to balance her out, yin yang, but instead, seems to me, theyre judgemental & make her feel bad..which again, opposites attract, some hot girls kinda like when guys make them feel bad, 'cause most other guys are thirsty yes men, & the arrogant squares present a challenge, but non-smokers are so judgmental, they don't realize that judgemental shit is mean & fvks with someone's spirit, & these are the main people that need the bud, for spiritual awareness, get off that judgemetal shit.

  8. ..that's the bitch about depression & tolerance breaks..we know that laughing helps w/ depression major, & we know bud increases laughter, so bud being a natural depressant, I never feel that, I'm always lifted, appreciative, silly..maybe it chills you out if that's what they technically mean by depressant..but sugar/alcohol..definitely

  9. Smash… girl I feel you. I've been in pretty much the same situation for months. I also live in the outer Seattle area, I also deal with depression off and on. Were just so much sames. And you're on the right path to stay away from alcohol, definitely not helpful with depression. I do try to integrate more sativa in my routine, but sometimes a break is needed. But thats up to you, no one else, and no ones judging you should be considered. Easier said than done, I know. They are in you're life, were supposed to care what our loved ones think… it's a thin line to walk. But I just want you to know that you have some true virtual friends here, I've been following you quite some time and I'm sure others, like myself, want you to be happy. And do what makes you happy. I know YouTube is the job which means weed is the job, but remember this: at the end of it all, be able to say you chose your life, not settled for it. But also…. the anxiety comes in full force when we smoke. I still feel super judged just buying chips and salsa at Safeway with my eyes red af….. I want chips haha screw you. Love you smash! Chin up baby!

  10. I love your videos and I really enjoy smoking canibis myself. Really makes my creativity boom. When i feel depression I too don't feel like doing things I enjoy normaly. I compleatly understand. And also , heck.. The only way I can smoke is cause I live alone. In Arizona Canibis is for medical card holders only still. Luckily I qualify. Blessings to you. Don't stop doing your joy! XX

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