1. 2018 elections in the United States will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. This will be traded on the same day.
    Former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney To Join Acreage Holdings’ Public Board of Directors
    Acreage Holdings Bolsters Its Board of Directors With Addition of Former Time Warner Telecom CEO Larissa Herda And Former IBM CFO Douglas Maine

    Dream team of cannabis? Man this is crazy…

  2. Hey Rich!

    Really nice pick on TRUL when you called the IPO. got in at 11bux and plan on holding for a long time.

    Anyways, do you have any details on ACREAGE HOLDINGS? when will it IPO?

  3. just wondering how big do you think the dip will be when legalization happens? I'm a long term investor but I do want to take advantage of this dip. I'm happy this ipo will happen after legalization.

  4. Cannabis stocks are getting warm up. Most MJ stocks are down except few expensive and highly marketed MJ stocks. I think Canopy River is better pick over Canopy Growth at this point. Tilray is out of question.

  5. We're gonna be in the months that is most favourable for weedstocks. RIV and AUSA had ridiculous evaluations and opening day was insane. Acreage I imagine would be even more insane. This could take off and not come back down, but it could create a lot of bag holders. I have been eyeing them since the summer, but worried about how much it's gonna be day one. Should I wait a few days, buy day one, buy a portion at open. Definitely don't set a market order.. just not sure how this will go down. Long term great play, prob short term too, but be careful day one

  6. Great article I own it ACRE The X speaker of the house represents them John Boehner And it’s 60% institution owned pays 8% yield looks like a winner to me good luck in all you trading👍✌️

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