1. Tucker is a fucking idiot, I don't think there is a group that exists that complains more about the government and their actions than the cannabis community, this idiot is oblivious to reality which is why he is such a great fit for Faux News.

  2. One of the things I "love"about Tucker's positions is that smoking pot simultaneously makes us lazy and "socialists" but " BUT AT THE SAME TIME legalization is just a plot to make a lot of money and get rich. Tucker does not even try to be consistent in his criticism even in the over the lenigh of one "discussion".
    Come on Tucker which is it ,we are all lazy and no longer care about making money OR we are all out to make huge amounts of money?
    Tucker I love the Cheech and Chong movies, but the truth is they are COMEDIES not documentaries and I, unlike you apparently, know the difference.

  3. Here is my take on Tuckers position. It seems like, and I may be wrong, that he is getting sick of having to report on Cannabis because all the corporate assholes who run main stream networks who are anti cannabis want all of their reporters to not stray away from the prohibitionist stance on weed. Fox seems to take the in the middle of the road stance on weed but then also jump on idiotic opinions like "the kids."

  4. Tucker is so blind and deaf he should be mute ! -that was pretty funny. actually was checking in and saw a "little" of this. nightmare as usual . "hat's off" to the gentleman , for not jumping through the screen ! had to chg channel quick ! wbb

  5. Libertarians believe in choice there is a market for everything im a libertarian i smoke weed i live in a state that just legalized weed but our corrupt politians mary fucking big pharma Fallin was trying to make weed part of pharma and controlled threw them for there claw backs

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