1. I think the best mari juana for starters is under 23thc..over that is bad experience for them unless they are not starters xd 1more thing which is immportant dont ever try to drink some of it xd. First smoke then train sex smoke repeathahwha

  2. My first experience with marijuana was interesting. I tried an indica infused tea shot. It looked like a small drink shot. It contained 25 mg of THC so in hindsight, I should have only drank 1/2 or better yet 1/3 the bottle. I was hoping for a good night sleep but this drink made me feel high as hell. It felt like I was floating and the traffic outside sounded like spaceships. I got out of bed and started talking to my wife. I had a hard time distinguishing reality and fantasy.

  3. Wow. Youtube's algorithm is stupid, your channel should have BEEN found by now. How am I your first subscriber yet you all have been around for 2 months now?? Very informative and great content! Keep it up!

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