This Is Norway’s Plan To Decriminalize Drugs (HBO)

As the federal government tightens drug legalization policy in the states, a consensus is developing in Europe. Norway — run by a coalition of right wing parties …


  1. One of the most fundamental pieces in Portugal drug treatment are the mobile treatment clinics (medical vans). It allows for people to "remain" in their environment without the associated shame and social stigma of exposing themselves, and still get safer treatment and fix, orientation, counseling and following, leading to a higher probability of leaving the addiction and getting back to a normal life, contributing to society and improving their own lives.

  2. the "Overdose problem" isnt on heroin or meth, thats minimal. Most overdoses that happen come from the High school gratuates and their killing drinking/drug habits. RUSS is killing, not Heroin.

  3. So they intend to change the punishment, but they aren't decriminalizing shit. Decriminalize means no more authority. No more police taking your shit. It's not legalization. Because you still couldn't sell in in 7-Eleven, etc. But… Well, you get the point. I hope they actually decriminalize to the point where police can finally go suck shit and leave users alone for possession.

  4. They treated the criminals not as criminals but as mentally ill people who committed a crime. And for the most part, it worked out so I don't see why this will turn out any differently in the long run

  5. You want to be rid of the demons? Kick them out. You want a dignified life? Then go out there and make it happen; earn it. Can't expect it to be given to you. Can't expect something magical to happen. It's up to you, nobody else.

  6. this is a very good move the world needs to take. i always believe drug use is not only a social problem but also a health issue. in order to solve these problems we need to treat the problem with love. i find that most of the time these are just people down on their luck, beaten into the dirt by the world around them. they need help.. not only medical help but community help. social help. its such a horrible idea to put these people in jails. it takes people with problems that were caused by the system and shows them that the system can be even worse then it already was. it leaves them with no hope. no ability to live or thrive. no outlet for success. no ability to dream. its so destructive. by simply making the choice not to arrest them and put them in jail your making a huge step in a positive direction.

  7. A very expensive semi-solution to a very complex problem. It would be more realistic and vastly beneficial to stop the flow of suppliers that introduce people to the drugs. But to realistically address that, we're getting into a different topic: the third world migrant crisis.

  8. This is what the US needs to do & stop wasting our tax dollars on a so called “war on drugs” & the prison system that’s been a failure from day 1 cause ppl gonna do what they want & who are we to tell them different

  9. Well they are decriminalizing the use of drugs, not the drugs itselfe. I'm all for that. The faster they get help, the faster they get a functioning member of society back. I have a problem when people want to legalize drugs as a normal good, because there is so much criminal activity behind it. When someone can promise me that my stuff gets produces fairly and is not a bigger health issue than smoking or drinking (like for example local grown canabis) i have no problem with it.

  10. This works! Look at Portugal, which did this and has the lowest addiction levels. This is because people are actually getting treatment and the issue is being tackled rather than just penalizing people for a normal and historic human behaviour. But don’t take my word for it, do your research, the war on drugs is a deadly failure and furthermore was created with only political goals not scientific/psychiatrist research.

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