Small outdoor weed/cannabis grow.

If you know about grow lights please chime in, I know nothing about them, I don’t want to waste money on lighting i don’t need or light’s that don’t work that well.


  1. optic led are great with plenty of proof on the youtube. they have all sizes. NextLightMega is a beast. will veg like a 8×8 and flower 5×5 maybe 6×6. it is kinda of pricey but 5 year warranty. check out this site they have all the light and are very helpful. i know bee serve a purpose i cant stand the damn things

  2. "God damn Bee's". ( Lights) what size indoor grow space do you have? Do you want to go with the best bang for your buck? If you want to go cheap but good go with. Mars, Maxsisun, Viparspectra or Meizhi. All these lights are good starter lights. I like Meizhi the best out of these cheaper leds. It all depends on the size of grow space you have for the lights you need

  3. Hey man check out optic grow lights, also i feel you on the outdoor man I also had to get rid of my plants the one that was in the ground got cut down and the rest moved to another location 1 of them also got destroyed by my friends dog the first day so sad but had to get rid of the plants because the landlord

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