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How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. Hello Neil, its been a while since i saw a video of you were you mentioned the liter to gallon relation when it comes to american grow pots. The only thing i stll remember is that it is less than the standard gallon (3,8 lt.). So what is the real number please?
    Additional question:
    Best final pot size for a 3×3 space with 4 plants in soil, plastic and fabric?

  2. Always seem to be gone during livestreams lol. Caught my plant dripping again the other day… The sun glinted off a drip of sap, resin, sugar? Whatever ppl call it, as it was sitting on some orange hairs and it beamed fire red…. Was pretty but couldnt capture it.

  3. well done Neil, keeping it real dude………. your one of the most honest dudes on youtube growing dak and willing to pass on your tips and info- others take peoples info and claim it as there own ( some well known ) …

  4. I really appreciate you defending the rights of people that may not share your views at all. Very cool to see someone doing that in a time where dissenting opinions or ones that go against the mainstream are deliberately silenced. Keep up the great work Neil!

  5. The world is being turned upside down and conservatives in particular are being censored because the left and the progressives in this country are on the run. since John McCain has now been executed they know that they aren't too far from the same or being locked up. there are some really serious things that have been happening for some time that the globalists have been working to initiate and when Trump got into office it was all over. they firmly knew that Hillary would win and if she had our economy would already be collapsing and America in serious serious jeopardy. Understand that the mainstream media, all of the educational system high schools and colleges in particular, and Hollywood are all owned by leftists and progressives and I mean hardcore progressives that believe in socialism and Marxism and very nasty things this country will never stand for. When Trump won the country went into lockdown and you'll notice it started at that time not because of trump being some bad guy but because he's not part of "the team" in Washington and in fact is there to put them in prison and help literally as he says make America great again. The Republicans will win in the midterm elections. Trump will be reelected in 2020. We will see bigger growth in this country than we've seen already under Trump and you will also see over the next 6 years many people being called out and put in prison. maybe even martial law. but definitely military tribunals and court-martials.

  6. People give Alex Jones a lot of shit but when what he says turns out to be true all the sudden they forget they were calling him a conspiracy theorist. For example, He's been saying barbatum for the last 2 years how they were going to roll out censorship. I didn't hear anyone else saying anything other than he's crazy they'll never do that. Now look everybody's acting surprised.

  7. One of your better talks bro.
    Ya tend to go off on tangents (I do the same thing. Its a sign of great intelligence!!) and it can be tough to follow your train of thought. Im still here because though tough to follow at times, I dont detect BS or a liar.

    By the way. I am still feeding with that one nute that I have to shake the livin shit out of b4 use. The MUD I call it. lol

    best plants Ever this season. Thanx for pointing me in the right or better direction.
    Funny thing, ive got GG#4 and GSC and Green Love Potion and 1 bag seed.
    The bag seed is a runt, got in late etc…. 3-4 ft tall. the rest are all over 6ft.
    THEE, best smeller in the garden is by far far FAR,, the bag seed runt.
    Go figure.

    Peace bro, thanx.

  8. I wish you well. I'd like more than talking head and images of text.
    I realize that's asking for a lot.
    I hope you'll gradually move in that direction.
    You might want to link up with Pigeons420. I think you'd make a good team/association.

  9. Your talkingTruth about led's! I bought a mars hydro light, 2 Grows later 25 led's had burned out!! Contacted them and they wanted to charge me $1 per led, when you can buy a pack of 10 bridgelux led's for about $3/4 on AliExpress! Edit – I've been a viewer for a few years, I think. it may of been when you started the channel.. I remember you posting on reddit years ago anyway

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