1. Vaporizing is NOT the same as SMOKING. Though any irritation to your lungs caused by vaporizing is no where near as harmful as; SUGAR, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS, CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, CIGARETTES, ETC… The idea that governments can criminalize and destroy someones reputation over something as misconstrued as cannabis and on the other hand sell a plethora of harmful drugs and substances like cigarettes ( how is that even allowed to be sold? its called $) opinions on this subject are redundant. Cannabis is not a "gateway" drug your thoughts and beliefs are, take responsibility for your actions. Addiction is not the same for cigarettes or drugs such as meth and other opioids, Cigarettes kills more people than hard drugs almost 20 X over so once again gateway arguments are both folly and redundant. As for the culture, stylizing yourself as a "thugs" or "gangster" is not a prerequisite to smoke, ingest or vape cannabis. In poor term, weed is as much of a gateway drug as asthma inhalers.

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