John Kasich on Trump, Gay Marriage, Marijuana, and 2020 (Pt. 2)

Gov. John Kasich (Governor of Ohio) joins Dave to discuss his views on Trump, issues with our electoral system, thoughts on immigration, trade, his evolving …


  1. Fear builds evil things
    and those evil things destroy us slowly
    But ppl dig fear faster than bravery…….republicans are digging fear to survive through trump
    John talks rational….. fear and paranoia will make us chose false future

  2. Why do DACA people not apply for citizenship right now? Can't they get in line now? I am confused. Rumors, sources are a funny thing if you are from Ohio. 21st anniversary with Rubin, even Rubin knows, keep talking Kasich, you do say a lot, just not anything that can help our state from being a shithole state! You helped! Please retire, I agree with the comments! Golfing, how appropriate! You gotta laugh or lose your mind!

  3. The NFL thing was only meant to cause a scene and it did. It worked and it's still working for him! Kasich just trying to find a way to be different and create himself anew…FAILURE AHEAD!

  4. I AM AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. gays can live however they want, but marriage is a religious institution that represents the basic family structure and is there so that a man and a woman bring up their kids together as a family , this is a war on family structure, gays can live together, most dont have long term relationships anyway, this is just to be anti family, to destroy traditional society .i dont recognize "marriage" and never will . they can fill any fake political paper they want.

  5. Kasich is a pretentious, bloviating hypocrite and a whining liberal. Not to mention he sounds like an idiot and he rudely interrupts Rubin and talks over him throughout the interview.

  6. As someone torn on the legalization issue (but would also encourage someone to not smoke weed or cigarettes, or drink, or anything else), why does it have to be illegal to say you shouldn't do something. Can't you say to your children, when instilling values into them "Don't do drugs and I know this one is legal, but you shouldn't do drugs." Are you that insecure as a parent or a role model? Why can't you encourage someone to not do something, even if it's legal?

  7. Gov. Kasich's response of "it needs to be a simple message for me" when asked about marijuana legalization was such a terrible response. He seems oblivious when it comes to cannabis, or any other drug for that matter. The message of "don't do drugs" is too simplistic and doesn't explain why you shouldn't do drugs or even the definition of drugs. People are smarter than that, so we should better define drugs, the risks, side effects and responsible consumption. A simple answer is not always the best answer, especially when discussing a subject as complicated and diverse as drugs. Why not stop pretending prohibition and the war on drugs weren’t complete disasters and start having an honest discussion about the topic of drugs? This is one of the many things that drive me crazy about politics and politicians.

  8. I respect this guy but seriously 13:26 – lol alcohol is a drug that's exactly what we do with alcohol … honestly that's a terrible argument … and anyway surely we're going to HAVE to be telling young people "do this drug and not that"? There are a plethora of things that are legal and not necessarily good … including fentanyl which he points out.

  9. His stance on weed is interesting. He equates legalizing weed with sending a message to kids that it is okay to smoke weed. You don't make laws because of messaging. You make laws to preserve liberty.

  10. Neither addresses how to have a Free Market vs Corporate monopoly welfare. That is the role of government in economics: to limit corporations (because no human is accountable and originally they were for short term public need and had to be approved for 1-3 years by Congress), assure accountability, provide an even playing field where the best ideas and practices can emerge.
    "Taxes on the rich" and "punishment" are fictions. Increased taxes on income over a certain amount is an economic tool to prevent abuse and sequestering capital from the economy. A person isn't harmed or punished in the process. Excess wealth, money, is merely put back into the system that the person who extracted it from is dependent upon. Basically without the roads and schools no one would be able to sell their products or have employees and buyers of those products.
    Besides all that we have become stagnant economically with better than 99% of wealthy born into it and/or partnered with those born into it and nearly all receiving a basic income to support them so that they got an education and were able to try and fail until success came. Basic wage earners have to pay the rent each month and can't afford to invest several months rent into a project and lose it.
    What this means is that we lose 99% of our people's ideas, creativity, power to add to our economy, our world. For every success story there are thousands of untold "didn't have a chance" stories.

  11. They both reference Bernie as "the other side" while saying there shouldn't be another side, we oughta figure this out together. Conservatives in Vermont have a better idea of conservatism and ignore labels a lot better. These two guys are just trying to make him a label without real meaning. Lol, several times "I don't know what Bernie thinks, but…" and acts like he's differentiating himself from Sanders while actually giving the same opinion that Sanders has. Rubin just as bad often.

  12. He cares about the kids in a nonsensical manner in which he doesn't want to have an uncomfortable conversation with this kids, but his kids are gonna rebel regardless. Do you want the drugs to come from an unregulated black market? Or should we regulate the purchase of the drug and make it competitive so that the black market cannot compete and is broken up. Your kids will be safer without a black market to go to and a regulated source that denies them.

    John Kasich, talk to your kids about drugs, and stop treating us like your kids.

  13. I’m realizing how much of an echo-chamber this channel really is, holy shit. Trump’s attack dogs sure are loyal. Kasich admittedly lacked focus here and was meandering a lot, but it’s funny that you guys never seem bothered by that when Trump does it.

  14. I'm watching/listening to this again just for the laughs.

    "You know I'll tell you an interesting story"

    Starts talking about ponies.

    I don't love all of Dave's guests, but, I usually manage to get thru most of the interviews. This is on a whole other level of suck, and I see that I am not alone. Listening to this guy really makes me wonder if we need politicians to do our bidding for us.

  15. I live in Ohio moderate income area. Pay about 1100$ a year in property taxes. Cost of living in Ohio is relatively low. His property taxes make his head explode. Give me a break. To have unreasonable taxes here would mean he is living well beyond what his official salary would afford.

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