How To Use a Pre-Filled CBD Cartridge Vape Pen

This is the CBD Vape Pen I use on the go for fast relief of aches and stress. People are using CBD products for a wide variety of things in regards to their health …


  1. If you had to make a guess/estimate of how many MG you used on the draw you took in the vid, what would it be? I'm just trying to get a general idea of how much I could get out of a 500 mg cartridge.

  2. I've been having a weird taste to mine. I got gran daddy purp flavor and it does not taste like it. It taste almost like helium or a weird chemical flavor. Is this normal?

  3. Hey thanks for this content. We are heading to Vegas this week for our our 25th anniversary. We bought the pen because of your video and to make sure we wouldn’t get raped in Vegas when buying the same pen.

  4. I think my prob is charging. I plug the batt into my laptop and wall. Light on the batt would blink, then goto solid red. About 2-3 min later, the light blinks red about 10-12x then it would go out. I'd take it off the charger and screw in the cartridge, which is 2/3 full. I pressed the lil button 5x but no light no nothing. I figured it wasn't quite charged so I went thru that charging process again, but this time after all the blinks I just repeated those steps over and over hoping the light would go from red to green or blue, something that might indicate the batt is charged. I did that about 10x or one hour. Then I screwed the batt into the cartridge, again, hit the bottom 5x, and still nothing. That was yesterday. Now, the batt isn't even lighting up at all, on the charger or off. This sucks cuz I've only had this thing for about 6 months and I've only used it mayb a total of 6x only taking 3 hits max.
    I thought mayb there might be a short somewhere so I'd stopped screwing just before the light would go out, but like I said, now I have no light on the batt at all. I'm out of trouble shooting ideas. I really can't afford to toss this one and buy a new one, so if you could help me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

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