Weekly update for 07/14/18. We take a look at the main veg room and the results of our bending training. The noticeable size difference just 3 days after …


  1. Absolutely beautiful plants! Reminds me of koma back in the day. Just perfect bushes. You are the grower that spends time with his plants and it shows in the results!! I am all for THIS style of growing. Thanks for the video.

  2. Mr Bloom Bloom Room- what height you running your Optic 6 light at for your seedlings 1 week old(autos), in the past just ran light on full spec with seedlings in 5 gallon fabric pots /coco at full tent height 58 inches above – they grow tall, just interested in your views on this as some say 36 inches max with only cobs on…….. another top video keep them coming mate I have good library…..

  3. garden is looking awsome.. glad to see another post, i need to ask, ive just started my flush, , is it still ok to keep feeding the plant the molasses and water mix, and how long can i keep feeding the plant this these auto flowers are kind of tricky to judge, with this grow , one plant loved the feeding mix, the other perfered a lighter feed . but very happy with the results. I made a few small changes . 1) fabric pots (3gal) , 2) carbon filter , 3) added and used , more worm castings, and seaweed extract . added a diy co2 set up

  4. Instrutional and educational video's are always a boon. Its like I always said, I hate the term Mazter Grower, Because to me maztering something means you have nothin' left to learn. I find myself learning little things constantly. Anyway Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz from Godz!!👊🏻 🔥🌲😎

  5. Everything is lookin healthy and happy in the garden 👌 That's the way we like it. Going to have to track me down a couple of those clip on fans I think…

  6. Yeahhhhhhhh alriiiiiiiiiiiiight nice very nice plants looking amazing real bushy and healthy they going to become monsters love the way you training them luv the stuck leaf rule great job my brother cheers and growers luv

  7. Hey my brother everything looking so nice in the bloom bloom room veg Tunes looking super super nice all them nice genetics strain you got there can't wait to see the yield and harvest to get from that Growers LUV ✌️💚

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