1. Its AMAZING how real you are. I love your channel. You are one of the only youtubers that i feel is 100% yourself its so amazing. My husband has very very severe anxiety and weed helped for a little bit but it ended up making it worse. CBD is AMAZING though it has an insane amount of health benefits. Have you ever looked into Jaydens Juice? Its a place here in modesto that has 100% cbd medicines that have helped tons of people with different medical diagnosis. In fact it got its name from helping a child with a chronic illness. However I completely support you and I think its amazing that you are talking about cbd its amazing.

  2. My mom has chronic pain from a failed spinal fusion. They quit prescribing her pain management meds. The day WA went legal I bought her the CBD cream and CBD cream with some thc. She likes to say it’s like a pain med without side effects. She picks based on her pain level that day and says she can sleep and she can actually move.

  3. It's so freaking awesome that my favorite YouTuber has a discount code for a CBD oil.. I used to love smoking but then as my anxiety grew with age I would get a little bit off on too many tangents of thoughts and not be able to enjoy the effects any longer. CBD is completely different, everything you described..a life saver.

  4. Girl I have anxitey, depression, PTSD and pcos! If I dont have my medication, you would think I need to be in a mental home. Now with thc, everyone looks down on it.. it does help with anxitey and gives you the munchie lol I know lots of people doing thc to help their anxitey. Heck we all have tried it at least once or more… it was never for me!

  5. I suffer from anxiety, as you know and I have to say nothing has helped more than CBD oil. I am so happy you talked about this!! I also have back pain and foot pain from dancing, it is amazing with that, as well!! Great video girl!!πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

  6. my pups are on CBD and it is amazing!! i was going to go on it myself for my chronic pain, but Marijuana is now legal in my state, so I am looking into getting my card (we can only do edibles or oils I do believe, maybe vape but i could be wrong). I want to do edibles after the research I have done on them. It really is a great alternative and I am so glad my state finally realized the greatness of it.

  7. I can totally relate with having anxiety and not knowing it, thinking this is how normal adult life feels. I now understand I have it, still finding the best ways to cope. πŸ’œ

  8. This video really resonated with me. I also felt more and more anxious over the years, especially after the birth of my second child. I had the same experience with meds, it may work for some people, but it hasn't healed anything for me. Turned out I had b11 and b12 problems, it wasn't absorbed like it should be. I was taking vitamins, but it wasn't absorbed. I now get injections to get my levels up. We tend to think it's all in our heads, but our body chemistry is also very important. I had all kinds of therapies and still had issues. I do think we have an issue as a society as well, so many people experience anxiety, depression and burn out. It's unbelievable to me, so many people struggle with even though not everbody will be honest about it. Good to hear this works for you, I will look into it πŸ’ž

  9. I passed out in the kitchen girl! I mean passed smooth ass out! Listening to you. It was one of those moments of someone else describing you. But you are many states apart and have never met. And you can hear them, like they are telling your life story for real. But then you realize that it is their story. Love from Texas ❀

  10. Cbd oil has been a life saver for my depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Also for chronic pain from neck and back injury, compartment syndrome, permanent nerve damage and fibromyalgia. Doctor's are ALL sp quick to throw a pill at us nowadays. They have become legal drug dealers and NOTHING more. You should look into pinnacle cbd. It's a tincture and you take one dropper full orally under your tongue. Pinnacle is also mixed with honey so the taste is okay and it is a full spectrum cbd oil

  11. Thank You for speaking on this and sharing it. I've been taking Kratom for a couple years now and just recently started incorporating CBD oil into my regimine for Pain, anxiety and depression relief. I will be checking out this company, thanks for a discount code. πŸ˜‰

  12. I refuse to take pills because i have so many addicts in my family so I smoke here & there when I’m really in a funk or I notice my panic attacks become more frequent but I been looking into CBD oil for months I have a friend who swears by it & for some reason I’m like hesitant to try it lol so weird think it’s the edible aspect to it I always trip so hard or get to high when I decide to do marijuana in edible form lol but fuck it ordering some cbd tomorrow

  13. Thank you for this video… I know exactly how you feel. I just took about an hour to get myself out of a panic attack and they come out of nowhere, so scary. I don't talk to anyone because I feel like I will get judged for it, or they just wouldn't care.

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