I’ve been getting a TON of questions about the Instant Pot. So today I’m doing a full run down and review on the INSTANT POT — and whether or not I think you …


  1. I love my new cooker!>>>ur2.pl/1035 I found that mine doesn't have a saute feature like my cookbook suggested using for the first recipe, but I think that you can just take the lid off and use timed heat. I'm still learning how to use it.

  2. LOLOL… if you wanna come home and have dinner ready, don't use the crock pot, USE THE DELAY FUNCTION on the InstantPot, girl! Ever heard about it? Or the slow cooker function on your InstantPot?

  3. Would have been nice to focus on the topic – INSTANT POT – instead of just her talking. She even failed to mention there are different models; hers is the LUX model. Sad sad video, IMO

  4. Hi Ashlyn! I've just purchased an 8 qt. Instant Pot (it looks exactly like your's) and I used it this afternoon to make ribs – OMG,they were delish! (lol) The reason I'm responding to your video is: you've said the Instant Pot won't/can't replace the slow cooker/crock-pot and I can understand that you can only set the timer for 240 minutes…why does the Instant Pot have a "slow cook" button/feature?? Have you tried the "slow cook" feature? Can/does it "slow cook" for 240 min. (4 hours)?
    I'm 67 years old – I've been "chief-cook-and-bottle-washer" (lol) for 49 years (I got married when I was 18) and I've used a Pressure Cooker for the past 35 years,maybe a little longer. I bought the Instant Pot because I could no longer find the rubber sealing ring/s for my Pressure Cooker and I know I won't be disappointed! Thank you for your review tips. 🙂

  5. This is the first time I saw your videos. I have all the positive things presented by many people out there on these new crock pots. I am always skeptical about all this hype. After hearing your presentation today, and my wife's birthday is in two weeks I have pretty well come to a decision to purchase a instant pot.

  6. I steam eggs and have "Hard Boiled eggs" ready to eat in the frig…Use the trivet, add 1 cup water, place eggs on trivet, set for 6 min manual. Pull plug when ends and natural pressure release.

  7. I know this is a year old video but I'm contemplating this purchase and wanted an unbiased review from a real mom. Yours came up first! Thank u! So if you see this comment, do u still love it? Any reservations about safety? I honestly used to be scared because I heard horror stories about pressure cooking. Also, can u cook meat right from frozen? Sorry I was a bit unclear on that point. Does it come with recipes? Finally anyone else who reads these, opinions on staying within the brand instant pot or going with cheaper knock offs. Is there a difference in quality? Thank u so much. 😊

  8. I would thoroughly wash the stainless steel pot then season it with coconut oil and chives until they start smoking several times. This will take away any metal taste and give it a good food flavor. Right?

  9. GET ONE!!!
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