(Exclusive) Sadhguru On Legalization Marijuana (Weed) In India #UnplugWithSadhguru

NALSAR University Of Law Student Ask Sadhguru About Legalization of Marijuana/Weed Or Cannabis To Watch Full Video of Sadhguru At NALSAR Part-1 …


  1. Our government made weed illegal just cause USA said us to do so in 1980's and now they have legalized it but India still hasn't. You can still get it illegal way in India and that just funds gangs etc.

  2. RESPECT GURUJI. okay im no taxi driver & no surgeon, nor a lawyer. I'm just a drop out rip off gamer! i feel sorry for that surgeon who is not allowed to operate while high!! cause a surgeon might say, he needs to clear his mind before an operation!!! well, u can't do that cause people may not like it. now how am i suppose to know if my surgeon is high on weed or meth or cocaine or whatever!!! in that case if im a believer i pray to God that the surgery is successful. im trying to say that we should have a proper List of what u can do and can't do while high. like there are lots of things that i don't wanna do while high. i don't know any sickkkk surgeon who wants to operate while high!!!! what kind of a crazy trip that would be? about me, the things i want to do while high – playing video games, watching movies(spc sci-fi),listening to some hardcore stoner rock and while riding ma mtb in the woods[note: not in the busy clumsy road, cause that would be such a waste of the potent stuff] and for medical purposes. And i may need to be high to understand the depth of ur knowledge and thesis. okay now why i can't do those things if I'm not harming anyone and minding my own business ?? YES GURUJI, it enhanced ma life, it clears my mind and gave me new hope. before Ganja there was all these negativity and dullness… okay my story doesn't matter, what matter is that what it can give to the world, how it saves lives and the planet, with its various usage. it may really solve the problem of deforestation. after all its just a plant!!! May be God has planned it this way, cause he knew about the so called war on drugs, that Man will make synthetic bullshit drugs to mislead others. that's y he put it on earth so that man can rely on the nature( this is just ma theory, im making this all up). if u think it this way then its surely to be a mercy from God, if im a believer!!!! Ohhh u wise guys corrupted by dirty politicians, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco and alcohol companies, when u will realize the true Potency of this plant???? and about those companies, ye need not to fear this plant!!! even if it is legalized not all people gonna jump into stoner madness. people still be smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and rely on pharmaceuticals. i really hope that India becomes the first country in Asia to legalize weed, so that it may set an example for the rest. and y even bother Guruji about asking weed since in India its like buying a candy. it is we who should request our politicians to regulate it rather then wiping out the dealers without any trial!!!!!! and Guruji i didn't write all this while high, cause of the scarcity I'm not smoking it for some months now. who wants to smoke anyway??? i wanna have some pot brownies!!!! again RESPECT GURUJI. sorry for all the long chit chat, rip ma English and PEACE OUT.

  3. I really enjoy Sadhguru! 💜🙏
    For my spiritual journey I've also really loved watching quite a lot of Sri Avinash at the moment. #SriAvinash 🙏
    It feels as though my life has changed for the best just from watching Sri Avinash's Satsang talks.

  4. He is a Chutia ! why does he needs a driver he should be walking the world instead of riding on a car this means that he himself does not know the meaning of spirituality he does not need a Car but intead should donate everything he has this is what religion teaches

  5. Marijuana was put on this planet to access a part of your brain that cannot be accessed while sober. No offense you sound like you do not have any logic in what you preach or believe in. Make a clear statement. Your analogies are bias.

  6. I would rather have a stoned surgeon than somebody who is thinking of several problems in his life while operating me. There is no decision making problem with hundreds of stoners I have seen in my life. One of the most sorted man I know living is a stoner(Joe Rogan). The smarter man who is no more was also a stoner(George Carling). Chill out.

  7. According to holy scriptures there are 3 types of people in this world, those in the mode of goodness, those in passion an those in the mode of ignorance. There are many stories we find in the holy scriptures many demons they worship Shiva but they do no surrender to Krishna. One well known is Ravana, today people are nowhere on the level of Ravana . Ravana got boom with Shiva , as he is one of the greatest devotee Of Shiva but Ravana was a demon. Shiva as so merciful, He took care even of of those who approach Him even in the mode of ignorance. A sadhu is one who guide someone, to renounce on material things, not to make one to become even more materialistic. Sadhus who smoke cannabis, drink alcohol, my respect goes to all but they they do not know the greatest goal of live. Those Saddhus who smoke, drink alcohol they will surely fell from the path of spiritual advancement. One should worship or come to the level of pure Bhakti, NOT perform worship in the mode of ignorance. To stay healthy one should consume food in the mode of goodness not ignorance. cannabis are in mode of ignorance. if there is no other medicine, no alternative , for medical reason then one may take it. Of course cannabis plants is more natural than other chemical medicines but plants which are in mode of goodness is best. Legalizing cannabis is the worst one will do. People in general are already misusing cannabis, what will happen if it makes legal. Its time for you people to start reading the holy scriptures. To all people who have this misunderstanding that Shiva smoke cannabis. Lord Shiva do not smoke cannabis. What do you think Shiva is just an ordinary like you, He need some leaves to mediate. Shiva drunk the whole ocean of poison. .. Har Har Mahadev !!

  8. a simple fact people see things as they want to ,so if u think weed is bad then ok . i like sadhguru"s ideas. So some Knowledge= Atharva ved the only ved that was approved by lord Shiva himself rather than lord bhrama states that after TULSI , CANNABIS is the second holiest plant on earth. (atharva veda basically teaches how to keep your body healthy) . at the end it upto you believe in the bad side of research or the good.

  9. I’ve been smoking weed daily for over 15 years and I can make decisions just fine. In fact my decision making abilities are enhanced when I’m high. It is the undisciplined minds who lack any true vision or purpose in their life that smokes weed and behaves poorly or downright ungodly. I’ve also been a devout meditator since I was 15 years old and to me weed is like a gateway to Samadhi when done ritually for meditation purposes. This guy claims he’s stoned all the time and that we can generate our own chemicals? Interesting theory. I’d love to see him hooked up to a brain scan while he’s supposedly releasing all this natural THC in his brain. I would bet my money the test proves there is no additional activation of his cannabinoid receptors than normal. Our brain also releases heavy amounts of Dimethyltriptimide (DMT) at the time of death and a little before dreaming. Yet when you ingest DMT at high enough doses the experience is…well…very similar to the ancient Veda’s mystics journeys to the higher planes of consciousness through meditation or yoga. Except instead of doing some ritual for years and years in order to gain a little advancement in “killing the ego”, DMT skyrockets you straight to Vishnu himself! THC will center you. But DMT will transcend your entire reality. And for him to say “why not go do coke too?” just shows how uneducated he really is about certain substances. Hmm here is a peach 🍑 but if you’re going to eat the peach you might as well eat some dog poop too 💩. Same analogy. And to say we only talk of medical benefits when you’re sick???? That’s like saying we should only eat when we’re starving!!! You maintain health by actively doing healthy things. Like smoke weed whenever you get sick of living in a world full of con men ✌️❤️💯💯👽👽👽👽

  10. Sorry to say but this guy hasn't smoked it. Plus he knows nothing about life. Even if life is short we see clearer. You can see the difference in the society between a stoner and a non stoner.

  11. It’s personal belief of legend.. but for me i am always high in gym.. i do major calorie burning exercises and even i read after being high… there is no such thing that can impair your brain cell with just thc receptor activation.. i am also medico that’s my personal belief…

  12. This huy has an agenda. Why does he assume legalisation would mean people driving stoned or surgeons performing stoned? Yes, it affects your decision-making, but again, why assume it happens in a negative way? Most high earners are doing all kinds of drugs, cannabis being the least to be worried about. By high earners I mean lawyers and surgeons too. And throwing cannabis in the same category as cocaine also raises questions about this guy's motivation when talking about drugs.

  13. Once a surgeon told me that he smokes a joint before doing surgery because it makes his hands very steady. Drugs (natural or medical) affect different people differently. So does alcohol.

  14. Isss mc baba ko pakisthan bhej khud mc way janta h trippn ka sb words bhi bana aj ke jamane ke jante h wahhhh mc khud raaes h manage kr skta h india m sb mehnga weed afford nhi kr skte toh apna gyaan apne pass rhk or itni dikkat h toh nikal INDIA se or MODIJI WILL LEGAL IT MARK MY WORD UH ASSHOLE BABA AND BJP WILL AGAIN WIN BECAUSE OF THIS GIFT TO ALL INDIANS WHO ARE TAKING ALCOHOL AND HITTIN PEOPLE ON STREETS LIKE APNA BHAI SALLU

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