1. Studies Show and this was done with Marijuana legalization in Denmark, As Well as Alcohol Prohibition in America. But Studies also show the More drugs are Legalized the Less they are used, the More drugs are Prohibited, the demand for them sky rocket, Which greatly fund the Legal system. If i know this from the facts and data, I'm more than sure the Gov know this as well. So i'm not at all surprised, that now that Marijuana has been legalized in many states, Marijuana has greatly decreased in drug tests. It is a Fact, that if you want to cause a High demand for something, make the crime go up and Keep the police working and fund the "Justice System". All you have to do is criminalize and Prohibit it.

  2. IF, these drugs are on the Wall Street market, they need to be dropped by investors and only used by government medical oversighted agencies of 3rd and even 4th party public COMMITTEES AND INTENATIONAL Cimes Against Humanity Courts for a lawsuit against this nation that poisoned our communities, caused crime and destroyed families.
    Just saying.

  3. Marijuana is a "Gateway Drug" ..Caucazoids..duh?!!🚬🚬🌿🍁🌿🚬🚬🍀🌴🌲🍂🍁🌿🚬🚬🚬……This whole Drug…"Legalize" thing is a "Set Up"….for Black People!!!!😵😵

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  5. This is another sign that the drug laws mostly target black people. Even though black people are the minority of heroin users back in the 70's Nixon tried to make us the face for it even though we preferred marijuana (which they also made illegal). If they REALLY believed that black people were the majority of heroin users they would have made it a workplace drug test but obviously they did not because WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE MAIN HEROIN USERS.These drug laws only target "black preference" drugs.

  6. But they were steadfast at testing for marijuana, and crack coccaine, so they can fire black people, or deny them employment.  Now that these white are the junkies, they dont even test for opioids, so they can keep them employed.  There is so many double standards in this country its sickening.

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