CBD Hemp Flower for Anxiety & Panic Attacks Review Tweedle Farms Weed Medical Marijuana Experience

Hey, I’m just some random guy from a small town in Kentucky. I’m reviewing CBD Flower for my personal Anxiety and Panic issues. This may or may not work for …


  1. Hey Jason, I ordered a quarter oz of the Suver Haze and got it about a week ago and that stuff is great. Awesome sticky, dank buds almost completely covered in trichomes. The smell is piney with a slight hint of skunkiness and so rich with terpenes. Like you it has helped with my anxiety quite a bit and has helped reduce my apathy so much I almost feel normal again. Great video!

  2. I have pretty much this same thing as you. Regular marijuana helps me soooo much, i'm getting a different job so i have to take a break. pretty nervous about it all. I hope this helps the same sort of way it helps you.

  3. If you get a chance check out “at last a life” by Paul david. The information in the book is simple: just feel everything and don’t fight it. Let all the feelings wash over you. I suffered with anxiety so badly that I couldn’t leave my house and almost dropped out of college but I seriously feel 100 times better. His website is free and has almost all the information there but if you are like me, you want to kick that shit as soon as possible. Recovery is possible and it’s so damn simple. Not easy but definitely simple

  4. Thanks for sharing this.
    I struggle with the exact same symptoms that you describe.
    Hell, I'm afraid of running in places with no people, because I keep telling myself that my heart will stop.
    I Live in Denmark, and they have just loosned the law a bit. So I am gonna buy a little bit of CBD hemp today and I hope it will work for me aswell.
    You seem like at cool dude, and I hope the best for you and your situation.

  5. The government hadn't paid enough attention to this, if people keep promoting it even though it has health benefits and can help lots of people the government and DEA are gonna start cracking down on this shit so just enjoy it while it lasts.

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