1. Help me guys: I invested on the 16th which was obviously a mistake. Do you think I should sell now to reduce losses and maybe buy in again when it reached the bottom or should I just hold and hope in long term that it will turn out good?
    I appreciate your answers! Thanks!

  2. Great video, thanks for doing it, it's helpful. Can you add PREV to your list? I have heard from some sources there is great potential. It's volume prior to the gap was around 100 million.

  3. I learned how to trade in crypto, but recently trading some of these names it almost feels like slow motion in comparison, everything is very clear and I’m finding it way easier to relax, recognize, and nail my trades
    Thanks again Dan

  4. Dan, if I take the online courses and am successful throughout all of the lessons , would I automatically become a member of Chart Guys? If not, could you tell me more about the selection process and the requirements if any? Thank you very much for your time! Keep the daily analysis coming, I am an avid watcher!

  5. Today, John Boehner publicly stated "I'm all in on cannabis"

    If you know anything about American politics that equates to BUY AMERICAN CANNABIS STOCKS NOW MUTHERFUCKER

  6. I have a major issue. I had alerts set for IGC, CVSI, XON, AMRN a bunch of stuff. The all broke out of a range, but I didn't feel like it was going anywhere so I moved on to something else. Everything looks like it's standing still compared to CGC on the 1 minute and in the book. I think I'm going to start putting orders there and just let it play out.

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