BREAKING NEWS! The Truth About Cancer/Ty & Charlene break from Organixx

As of October 19, we wanted to let you know that we (Ty and Charlene) are no longer affiliated with the supplement company, Organixx. We are no longer …


  1. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support. I know you have questions, and we want to address them. The biggest question we are getting is "Why?" So this is what we can say in answer to your "Why?"

    Our former partner's vision was different than our vision. So we removed ourselves from Organixx in order to continue to pursue our vision, which is and has always been you, your health, and your life.

    Many of you know that we got to where we are today with this mission by first losing 7 family members to cancer which led us to research and to learn the truth about cancer, and it is now our honor and privilege to continue to serve the world these life saving truths. We are committed to you and are thankful for your help in this most important work: saving lives.

    To be clear, the details of our de-affiliation from the supplement company, Organixx, are subject to a confidentiality agreement, so we can't say anymore about it."

    Again, thank you for your friendship, support, and love. As long as God gives us breath, we will do the very best we can to support and love you back!

    With gratitude and love,
    Ty and Charlene


  2. What does Organixx suppose to do? Is it available in a local health food store which is not online? You guys actually have been doing The Truth About Cancer for over 20 years since 1996. I thought that you guys only have been doing it for a few years.

  3. I accept what Ty and Charlene have said and understand their reply stating that they cannot say anything else due to a confidentiality agreement in their break from Organixx. Many of us have been using the products from this company, and I continue to trust that what I have are good, healthy, organic, etc. If the Lord led you to purchase them, as He did me, then use them until they are finished, as I plan to do. I, however, feel the Lord is directing me to not purchase anything more from Organixx. I have asked Him to show me another Christian company to order from, and He is doing that. Do not worry, our Lord will always come through; just ask Him. I applaud the integrity of Ty and Charlene.

  4. I love both of you so much !!thank you for your great information !
    Could you do a video on how to treat group b strep infection I have reoccurring bladder infections and I’m not sure what’s causing it I feel like it’s worse than cancer because nothing can stop this bacteria.!!I’ve searched the Internet and there’s no cure what should I do please any advice will help

  5. I am still going to continue to take them, as I did my own investigating and feel that are a True organic and great company. No many Vitamins, etc contain Fulvic Acid which is really good
    for you. Until Ty or someone else tells me otherwise about something we don't know, I will still continue to take them. I feel good and am Healthy….TY

  6. I think everyone needs to calm down and think rationally.
    The business agreement made between Organixx & Ty & Charlene demands that Ty and Charlene not "say anymore about it." Ty and Charlene are "SUBJECT to a confidentiality agreement," (emphasis mine).
    This implies that Organixx might suffer in some way from what Ty & Charlene might say or reveal if they were NOT "gagged" from saying anything further about the dissolution of their partnership with Organixx, Dr. Nuzum & Mr. Hunsaker. If they make any further comments, other than what they have already said, there is a high probability they would be sued.
    This speaks for itself.
    Ask yourself, why would anyone legally bind someone else from saying something?
    It is as plain as day: Find another product and move on.

  7. Please, let me know how and where to return the vitamins. I have many bottles and I know that the law is on our side on this. Products can be returned if something suspicious is going on or like you kept telling us, if for any reason we are not happy with the product, it can be returned. I am sure many of us with much product want to know. Where do we return the products, which address etc. Do we need a label to prove that product has been received and a credit will be issued. So many people are so upset over this that this vitamin issue might jeopardize your entire program and that would be too bad. But, I cannot help but wonder why you ran out on us without explanation. It is a long explanation but nobody is being fooled, you are avoiding the real questions and you do owe us all a truthful answer and then a full refund for those of us who wish to return the product. Perhaps, speaking to the attorney general might help all of us who seek answers. There have been many vitamin scams in the past, I know a few years back Dr. Oz made some false claims about a vitamin which got him in trouble.

  8. I have read your answer why you left but it is very murky and doesn't give an answer what many people want to know. WHY WHY WHY DID you leave. what is going on. You strongly endorsed the vitamins, sometimes had the feeling it was more about the vitamins than anything else. People are talking and losing faith in your message. Are those of us who are still taking the vitamin in any kind of danger. There are people taking Organixx with serious health problems, you owe it to them to be honest. I want a refund for the vitamins that I purchased in good faith from you but now you because I don't trust the vitamin anymore. And for those of you who talk about leaving it in God's hands, REALLY, God has nothing nothing to do with this. Smart marketing and not being honest has everything to do with it. We need answers.


  10. Visions and direction and purpose is very important and I'm happy Ty&Charlene is sticking to following their visions of helping people with cancer and spreading good informations regarding cancer.

    We have to follow our vision and do what we feel is right. So if discontinuing association with Organixx is what y'all feel is the right thing to do, then go for it. I support your decision Ty&Charlene!!!

    On a positive note, this decision will benefit the viwers because you'll have more time to focus on the truth about cancer.

  11. Thankyou seems to be all I can do right now. Your affectionate compatibility flows from you both, God has most definitely called upon you 2 to truly enlighten us to your plight. I to am a companionate believer that we have all been lemmings jumping off that cliff, one after another it really needed to stop. I do not suffer with cancer but like you ty I've sat and watch close members of my family die to our lack of knowledge. I really must again Thankyou just for seeing that need and with Jesus pushing you how could you fail you both have everything required to love and educate us all. And if my friends out there are blessed by NOT having cancer then this knowledge is especially important to you because with your health in place you are perfectly equipped too to help anyone who may need it. Keep up the fantastic work, sending you both a massive hug from me. This comes from Gillingham in Dorset, ENGLAND.

  12. The key in the statement above is that they wish to bring all the solutions to their followers, not just one that they have ties to. I think it is very clear and the right move.

  13. I love you both and trust you. I never bought anything from Organixx because their products were too expensive and there are many other options. I was very surprised to hear you once were affiliated with Organixx, even being part owners. I felt a bit betrayed and disappointed about that. Never the less now you are no longer affiliated and that is much more appropriate. I too want to know why. I too feel like you are not telling the complete story and I agree with the many people here who are asking for the complete truth. Please come clean.

  14. Here's a thought: So many ppl are demanding to know the safety of the product. It is a valid need. However, it is highly likely that T&C are currently in a "Catch 22" situation. Should T&C say anything that says "yes, they are safe etc" then would they not be "endorsing" still? If they are striving to divide for the integrity of the TTAC name, then it is best to say nothing. I do believe, if Organixx products were causing any direct harm, then by their own integrity (which I trust) they would say so (as part owners BEFORE severing ties.) But if they wish to purify the TTAC name and mission, then saying nothing directly about Organixx products is necessary. Time will sort out whether Organixx products will be "found wanting" in the purity dept. Organixx is the responsible party for answering for their own integrity. Prayers for all involved that the dust will settle peacefully. PATIENCE in the process is called for at this point. Meanwhile, TTAC has so much information to share to battle cancer that costs us nearly NOTHING. Even the episodes are FREE to watch for us to learn how to eat, pray, love and live.

  15. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate all that you do for people. The number one thing that I love about you all is the love for the Lord.

    Now to everyone that wants to know more. We have to accept that they can’t say anymore. When a business partner leaves a company that person can not say anything damaging about it. It’s under law. Do we want them getting sued? I don’t. So let’s do our own research on Organixx ingredients. I would like to add that I live in California. California has a Prop 65 warning meaning that if some ingredients have the potential to cause cancer or harm, products have to label it with that sticker. I have been using two of Organixx products for over a year now. Recently The Bone Broth protein product has a sticker label on it that reads, “warning this product can expose you to chemicals, including lead and Cadmium, which is known in the State of California to cause reproductive harm”. The other product T-Plexx does not have the sticker. I was being lazy so I didn’t look into it. I will look into more after hearing your announcement. Thanks Again. -Anthony

  16. This is very difficult not knowing why you are pulling away from Organixx. We trusted what you said about them. How can we trust something you recommend in the future? Are these products a danger to us? I think we have the right to know.

  17. Dear Ty and Charlene, Love you both but you really should have known that leaving a
    statement that does not cross lots of Ts and dot all those pesky little I s will send everyone
    off in the worst possible directions. Any kind of 'divorce' is messier for lack of solid facts
    and reasons. Not an Organix customer mysef, all I care about is your ability to keep doing
    the good work. Sending prayers for peace fo everyone iinvolved.

  18. Just became aware of your breaking with Organixx. With NO explanation. You owe all of us a more detailed reasons why you did what you did. I bought a large supply of them. How do I return them and get a refund. Also, have been purchasing Organixx Organix turkey and chicken canned food for my kitties. What is going on with that now. One of my kitties has started excessive grooming such as licking, scratching and even biting herself all over her body for hours on end. I have taken her to a homeopathic vet numerous times, a dermatologist for animals, and a regular vet. Have taken Xrays, on medication etc. etc. Have spent already $3,000 on them and Foxy is not been cured. None of the drs. can figure out what is wrong. We did take her off all organixx organic chicken and turkey and she is now eating rabbit. No dr. knows what is wrong but even after stopping all of the Organic Organixx food, I have been told that food allergies can stay in her body for up to 6 months. I don't think she will survive the excessive grooming that long and might have a stroke because of stress.
    You owe all of us an explanation since you have profited from all those vitamins that YOU recommended. I would like to get a refund for all those unused vitamins.

  19. Wow! Have mixed feelings about this. But as they said several times, they cannot publicly give the full reason or it would be breaking the confidentiality clause bringing them in serious legal trouble and possibly hurting their cancer work. It speaks to their high level of moral conduct to honor the confidentiality clause. Their work is so important, I wouldn't want anything to jeopardize that. I too wonder if there is anything wrong somehow with the Organixx product line but I take one of them and it seems to do well with me, so will continue to take it until there is some reason to doubt the product. And in the meantime, I look forward to following everything Ty & Charlene come out with in the future.

  20. When I was diagnosed you were starting the TTAC first show. It helped me so much! That will always stay with me so thanks for that; for giving me the courage to take other actions. I am still alive and kicking. After 6 months of that I started to become bombarded with buying your products using marketing strategies like "click here" "read more"…I started to become less interested in your emails. I do not appreciate this announcement to be such a stage-like "smiling" while saying "we are breaking from" 0.14 please do not become just a pretty face. Now, I find it really SAD that something that you guys started together with that other guy suddenly melts down who knows the reasons why. Whatever confidential business you have I understand but this is not longer an issue of personal disputes. This internal fights look bad towards the mission of exposing the truth about Cancer. Us humans we have so much to learn from our mistakes but we need to start working on our differences. I agree with some comments below: it is unclear what is going on.

  21. This explanation, unfortunately, isn't very clear. I've been buying and using OrganiGreens on my Mother, girl friend, aunties and uncles. I need to know if it's effective as it's promised or even safe for her to continue drinking the stuff. The truth would suffice please.

  22. From the moment you began pushing offering the supplements, I stopped watching you. Now I will watch again, but if you begin proposing other products, I will stop again. I prefer receiving "clean" info, without any commercial interference. For the same reason I stopped watching dr. Mercola and dr. Karen Becker. Thank you anyway for all do you, your information is precious. Peace and love🙏🏼😊

  23. In this modern, changing world with technology and the media as they are, people are so accustomed getting information instantly on just about anything. There are times when we don't NEED to know why. There is a point when you have to trust is one's decision. Do you trust that person or not? Just because you don't get your why question answered, does that discredit them and all they have done? It isn't good to take just one person's opinion on some things anyway. Do your own research. Like some folks have done, go to Organixx for your questions about their products.

  24. Umm I'm sorry your reply to "why" is just not good enough and I can't believe that during your legal meetings that you would think that it would be. We purchase Organixx because of both of you and now I am left with doubts about it. You were all so buddy buddy and now you have split? It just doesn't sound right. You both seem so ethical so it makes me wonder about Organixx products. Surely if there was nothing wrong with the products you could have simply stepped back from promoting it leaving it to the other guy to do instead.

  25. Must be a confidential agreement of why they can not elaborate more. Any how, the work that Ty and Charlene have done is awesome and I am very thankful for that. Whatever happened is just business. The info and the knowledge they have giving us has no price. Thank you again.

  26. Will there be any announcement from Organixx on this matter? I've spent a lot of money on these products and we're entitled to know if we've been wasting our money. Generally, people only remain quiet (legally) when there's something wrong or something to hide. Otherwise there would be an open and honest answer. Terrible situation leaving all these people wondering what the heck is going on. Someone just tell us the "TRUTH" and if no one does……..there's your answer…….there's something to hide!

  27. Fellow health seekers…………The answer to the question "why" has been posted:

    Pinned by The Truth About Cancer

    The Truth About Cancer

    7 hours ago

    Our former partner's vision was different than our vision. So we removed ourselves from Organixx

    ***** VISION ******

    Please keep up the incredible health seeking and answer path that you so selfishly enlighten us all with……..WE THANK YOU with Immense appreciation and gratitude… 😀

  28. This all sounds very suspicious. This would only have been announced in my opinion to distance themselves from something that is about to break, regarding organix. Either dodgy products, financial problems. The confidential agreements are usually to hide they should not have agreed to them in the first place. Sorry but this whole think stinks..and the smell is not good. I have loads of their stuff including detoxes..and now VERY wary about using them until they come clean on all this. Don't hide behind the confidential agreement if something is dodgy about the product. Why not assure us that you have no problems with the products, just the way the company is going ?

  29. Thank you. Saw the email earlier today and would like you to know that I followed you to find preventative methods. I too have friends who have and are fighting cancer and if I can help with different suggestions and methods I feel it helps them. Telling them is not always the best thing for them to implement into their lives. SoI look forward to hearing more from you in this way.

  30. We your listeners deserve to know WHY you have separated yourself from Organixx after putting forth such a great advertisement for its
    products which we only recently received and have not even used yet! WHY???? For the health of all of us, we deserve a true answer.

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